How to Make Sure Transformers: War for Cybertron Does Not Suck

Activision has been showing off Transformers: War for Cybertron recently, and eyewitness accounts seem to indicate that developer High Moon Studios is onto a winner. At the very least, War for Cybertron looks like it has potential to be one of a handful of Transformers games that are actually good.

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vgn242849d ago

That's the only way, because regardless of what the developer plans to do, the publisher will make that game release finished or not when they want it to. Same old licensed game story.

Blaze9292849d ago

you can't tell me that game doesn't look at least somewhat decent? I 'hope' it won't suck though - not like they got some movie rushing it's development

sikbeta2849d ago

IDK, It's an Activision Game, Like Every Siper-Man Game done by them, it'll probably suck as much as those crappy Transformer Games, I hope not....