8.0 Alan Wake Review "In the end, Alan Wake is a worthwhile experience. The premise draws you in and the fantastic atmosphere makes you want to see it through. Remedy did a great job implementing the light versus dark combat, but certain portions of the game could've easily been edited out, which would immensely improve the pacing. For the most part the presentation succeeds in creating an eerie, uneasy atmosphere, animations aside. Bottom line, I'm looking forward to the first episode of downloadable content."

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Selyah2975d ago

Actually sounds pretty cool I was a bit skeptical at first.

Hardedge2975d ago

The story at least looks quite interesting.

mephman2975d ago

Not quit the "must have" title Microsoft were looking for, but at least it's a solid addition to a dwindling genre.

Hardedge2975d ago

If only I had a 360 ; ; I'll be missing out on this until then unfortunately.

Kyll2975d ago

I heard the cutscenes were worse than in imFamous.

BX812975d ago

Who ever told you that was a tard! I already beat the game and the story is very well written and the cutscenes were on point. You should give it a try. If not a buy then at least rent it. The game is worth your time.

lelo2play2975d ago

Very good game... finished the game and would give it a 9.

StanLee2975d ago

About to start episode 6 and it's a fantastic ride. The atmosphere is really the winner here and Barry is my second favorite character in a game this gen after Brucie from GTAIV. The enemies and combat are repetitive, the exploration is pointless and the story could be better written but the game draws you in and keeps you playing at every turn. I love Alan Wake.

BX812975d ago

Exploration is far from pointless and if the game draws you in then the story must have been well written.

zorglub2975d ago Show
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