Metal Gear Rising Confirmed for Sony Conference at E3

Joel Taveras of DualShockers writes, "While I was busy booking video interview time for E3 this past week, I stumbled on some interesting developments regarding Hideo Kojima and the E3 conference. You see, I originally called in to book interview time with the legendary developer upon his upcoming visit to New York City on June 12th before the conference. I then asked about reserving possible interview time in L.A. during the week of the conference, I was then told this as a reply:"

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ClownBelt2644d ago

We'll probably see a trailer or something.

JoelT2644d ago

even a 10 minute walkthrough, similar to what we were shown of Uncharted 2 last year.

El_Colombiano2644d ago

I don't think so. Metal Gear Rising is just a spin off. I expect a Killzone 3 walkthrough.

mikeslemonade2644d ago

Please wake me up when the next true Metal Gear comes out.

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blitz06232644d ago

10 minutes is too long, especially since this game is multiplatform so Sony won't spend a lot of time on it. I think they're going to reveal a few major details and a debut trailer

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ShinMaster2644d ago

This game isn't a "TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION" MGS like the rest.
It's "Lighting Bolt Action" game, therefore gameplay and whatnot will be out of genre.

So it's not really considered "the next" MGS. It's a total spin-off.

Rainstorm812644d ago

"I remember back when most MGS fans thought Raiden was a very cool and iconic charachter in the MGS universe"

WHAT?!? MGS2 was probably the worst MGS game in the series, no one i knew appreciated Snake playing second fiddle to raiden all the while hes running arond moping about his girlfriend.

Raiden didnt turn into a remotely "cool" character until MGS4. Stop swinging on the scrot and get your facts straight.

On Topic: Kojima knows what hes doing so im sure the game will be good. Although this may be an action game im sure kojima will have it on track just look at Zone Of Enders or the new Castlevania.

Nike2644d ago

This is what this guy was told:

"“Mr. Kojima is on a very tight schedule, and will not be doing ANY interviews. He will be going to E3 and appearing at the conference for the 1st party publishers and that’s it. I don’t even think he’ll make it to our [Konami] own conference. Afterwards, he starts a world tour for Peace Walker”

So while he pays attention to "publishers", he misses the other key word: conference. Why would Sony and MS be considered under one conference? Makes no sense, if we consider the 1st party publishers to be them. Which means it's going to be at one conference or the other - and no, Sony's isn't the one.

The flaws in Dualshockers logic astound me but then, once this is refuted, everyone can see what shabby bloggers (you're not even close to being journalists) you are.

darkmurder2644d ago

If its a 10 minute walkthrough all we'll see is a cutscene.

SuperM2644d ago

Dualshockers logic might be flawed, but thats not it. The flawed logic is assuming that Kojima will go on MS and Sony press conference to promote the same game. Not likely. If anything Metal Gear Rising will be at MS press conference and Kojima will announce a new game at the sony conference. MGS5? Kojima FPS?

hay2644d ago

MGS: Rising goes PS3 exclusive! /jk

Ahmay2644d ago

Ps3 version getting exclusive content/s....

example... BatMan AA..

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Imperator2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

MGS Rising = Spinoff + Multiplat. Therefore, that means it's way down in my list. MGS Peace Walker, however, is a definite buy.

The TRUE MGS Sequel(or in this case prequel) is on the PSP.

Darkstorn2644d ago

I'm hoping for some gameplay footage. Rising isn't guaranteed to be 'inferior' just because it doesn't have as many brilliant minds working on it.

Whoooop2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


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colonel1792644d ago

This is a consolation "prize" for having Final Fantasy Versus XIII going multiplatform. Please someone confirm FFV13 at Sony's E3 conference!

badz1492644d ago

FFvsXIII is a SE game and this is a Konami game! doesn't make sense at all!

Rainstorm812644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

If the action is anywhere near as fun as Zone of the Enders im all aboard

Army_of_Darkness2644d ago

just in case dualshockers are right about this, I'll feel more comfortable to take their word for it next time;)

menoyou2644d ago

stupid sony already messing up. dont waste conference time on multiplats! damn it.

RumbleFish2644d ago

First of all: why bash a game that hasn't been shown at all until now? Why can't that game be good without Kojima working on it. I believe Kojima didn't work on many good games. So let the game be shown and then if you don't like it feel free to bash it, but this is rediculous!

Then I ask myself am I unable to read or did I miss anythink: where in this article was Rising confirmed?

After all I expect a trailer too and I'm curious about the gameplay!

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Hitman07692644d ago

Metal Gear Peace Walker and Metal Gear Rising in the same year? I hope so!

Demons Souls2644d ago

Rising is a spinoff and it's not even being directed by Kojima. This will be nothing but a mediocre game with a fanfic story. That's the main reason I will be skipping this game because the story won't be cannon. Peace Walker will be the last MGS game I play (unless Kojima works on another).

pwnsause2644d ago

i wouldnt mind if he remakes the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. not many people have played those games, let alone the NES versions of those games were epic fails...

mal_tez922644d ago

I would love an HD remake of Metal Gear 1 & 2, and also of MGS 1, 2 & 3.

Snake eater HD would be epic

Darrius Cole2644d ago

I disagree...

Hideo Kojima is a genius who never misses. It would be a waste to have him spend that genius on a remake. Every time he works, I want him working on something new, because that game will be a guaranteed AAA title.


Even though I disagree with your comment I didn't hit the disagree button because I understand the spirit of your post. That was someone else who gave you the one "disagree."

madkrazygames2644d ago

That would beautiful if he does that, those were great games at the time. I'm actually interested to see what the team can do without Hideo. I was never fan of Raiden that much until he was reintroduce in MGS 4, so I have faith in this title.

CameronL992643d ago

Kojima doesn't necessarily need to be the guy who remakes it, he can do something else, since the stories are already constructed, someone else who's talented could pull that off while Kojima comes up with something new

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Natsu X FairyTail2644d ago ShowReplies(4)
cmrbe2644d ago

aka "since it's on xbox you are defending it.

Natsu X FairyTail2644d ago

even if it was only on PS3 and not made by kojima i'd still be interested in it. you people make quick assumptions because I dont kiss sony's ass.

Darkstorn2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

@Demons Souls-

I think you should play it before ruling out a purchase.