Sony reveals latest Playstation 3 hardware sales data and expectations for the next fiscal year

Sony reveals the latest life-to-date sales figures for the Playstation 3 in addition to the projected sales for the system in the 2010 fiscal year.


Added sales data for PSP and Playstation 2.

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FangBlade2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Wow 35.7m units sold!
So the gap is now only 4.3m? Great news for Sony!

TripleAAARating2843d ago

I expect by maybe at summer or winter next year the PS3 will equal if not surpass 360 in numbers,

El Botto2843d ago Show
TripleAAARating2843d ago

hmmm thx for learning me.... It really seems odd that XBOX LIVE MEMBERS dont increase proportionally with MS 360 sales....

Doc Sony2843d ago

Preach On El Botto, I gave you a bubble for intelligence but I meant to give it to you for dropping truth-bombs.

hay2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Yeah, closing fast and it's still gaining momentum. It's selling better and better year by year. It's always great news to see success.

Like El Botto wrote. We can't tell how many consoles MS sold cause they most probably count units shipped("sold to shop") and they're well known by their lying capabilities.
And 33m is a good estimate. If they count replacement units it'd be closer to the 30m probably.

It's almost safe to say Xbox360 isn't outselling PS3 worldwide.

Sales results also mean vgchartz is off by more than 1mil but it's within their margin of error.

They'll probably sell 16m in next fiscal year which will result in ~52m worldwide sales.

dizzleK2843d ago

damn good points el botto, i never thought of that. bubb up for an intelligent post.

commodore642843d ago Show
Redrum0592843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

In theory, the gap has closed, that 4-5 million difference is probably from RROD rebuys. And don't forget the 1million console bans that Microsoft did around the launch of PS3 slim/MW2. So realy, the number of ps3 gamers and 360 gamers about equal or more over to ps3 side. There is no denying this, anyone who disagrees please do try and prove me wrong, and I know I will have many disagrees.

@El Botto, that's also very true, M$ has focused more on numbers then quality and now they can't even argue with that. You are a smart man.
+bubbles for u

GVON2843d ago

"is that Sony cannot drop the price again and they cannot release a slim again."

Sony just had an internal revision,that's supposedly the break even point.There is another revision later this year,supposedly bringing profit.I think a price drop would be possible due cost reduction.
In terms of another slim,it could easily happen,because of the power reduction of both the 2010 revisions they could use a smaller internal psu.But if the do an external psu they could seriously slim it down.

RageAgainstTheMShine2843d ago

Very helpful!

M$ will never say numbers sold but numbers shipped.
Slowly but Surely Sony.
PS3 is a fortress!

Nintendo and Microsoft cheap efforts will have an end and there is no other direction but down.

spinbot_lv12843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

interesting.bubble for you. ;)

commodore642843d ago Show
mephixto2843d ago

Slim models are always about reducing cost of productions, if Sony can make the PS3 smaller and at the same time reduce the production cost, be sure they'll make another PS3 slim. The costs of re-engineering, re-tooling, etc are very low compared with the money they save in production.

PLAYstar2843d ago

sh!t i couldn't get to read what El Botto posted. Some idiots just reported you as a spam?! That's lame as hell.

Why would the PS3 need price cut, or even a slim remodeling? The PS3 price justify for what its worth! So tell me the reasons why need those craps when consumers knew about the worthy? Each year, the verity and quality of PS3 exclusive games just keep getting better, and that's the PS3 strongest selling point! Heck why do you think that Sony is making "MOVE" for rather than thinking about price cut or remodeling their system bullsh!t? We consumers don't care! We want BETTER! NOT CHEAPER!! So tell me exactly why didn't you even thought about that?? You got a square brain or something? And why would you give a damn about their profit? Are you a shareholder or sh!t? You sound like your a real professional at doing business, F*CK |_|!!! Yet you couldn't even earn enough pennies to get yourself a PS3! HA!

HolaTarola2843d ago

Isn't that obvious? Commodore "fanboy" 64 want a cheaper PS3 because he can't afford one, not that is something wrong with that, is just that trash talking about something just because you can't afford it, is somewhat.. pathetic.

lukeb4dunk2843d ago

el botto was reported as trolling, he made some very fine and intelligent points. I too bubbled you up. Nice post.

soxfan20052843d ago

Actually, his comment was just opinion and conspiracy theories, not facts.

HolyOrangeCows2842d ago

The HIGHEST estimated lifetime failure rate for the PS3: 11%
The LOWEST estimated lifetime failure rate for the 360: 23%

35 million - 11% = 31.15 million working units
40 million - 23% = 30.8 million working units

The Ps3 has over 300,000 more working units than the 360. And the findings for 360's rate is MUCH higher in most studies.


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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Indeed, there is the evidence the sales are moving more quickly compared to others.

TripleAAARating2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

"You can view a breakdown of Playstation 3 hardware sales by fiscal year below:"

2006 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007) – 3.5 million
2007 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008) – 9.1 million
2008 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009) – 10.1 million
2009 Fiscal Year (April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010) – 13 million

Every fiscal year there was a great increase in total units sold.....
Sony's software lineup in the near future eclipses the competition, not to mention Move and the 3D feature.... so imagine what would happen when GT5 and all the other anticipated releases comes within this next fiscal year....

RememberThe3572843d ago

Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

cmrbe2843d ago

was pushed back. Sony knew they will get 13 million regardless.

N4PS3G2843d ago ShowReplies(4)
Wrathman2843d ago

what are the latest xbox numbers out of curiousity?

madmonkey02843d ago

40.2 i think, something like that anyway.

RageAgainstTheMShine2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

... from April to May.... I wonder why? It's so weird for them to do that. That's why they are questionable for posting wrong numbers.

Rampant2843d ago ShowReplies(5)
zeeshan2843d ago

I can't say I am surprised. PS3 is selling like hot cakes all around the world. I am in Harrisburg, PA and the local Bestbuy are totally out of PS3. I asked the sales rep when they expect PS3 to be available in stock and the guy said, MAYBE 2 weeks. The numbers would have been even better if they had systems to sell. WELL DONE SONY! KEEP IT UP :)

15 million for the next fiscal year? It is very very possible given Sony drops GT5 this year along with a price cut. They'll defenitely get to 15 million without any problem.

brazilianbumpincher2843d ago

Sony published theirs the ms backtracked and said 'I'm sure we are a million ahead' thank god sony produced SOLD numbers,ms think there fooling people by publishing SHIPPED numbers,a company could ship 20million units but in reality only sold 10million.

Ms penny pinch off their consumers,inflate numbers,bash competition then want to jump on the bandwagon (3d being the latest),release rushed faulty hardware,have next to none 1st party studios,last year had no games this year the hyped games have not met expectations,all they have to rely on are the big sellers of halo and next year gears,where's the variety? I don't hate the 360 I just don't like ms and what they stand for in gaming

Meryl2843d ago

Also they overship to make it look like they are selling more than they are

vhero2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

"And how come new XBOX LIVE MEMBERS don't increase proportionally with MS 360 sales? " I never noticed that before that's a damn fair point! Nothing against 360 or MS here but that is a very looked over point.. MS at last years E3 also only talked about there members signed upto live not gold members remember??

A lot of 360s have died though in the past so in homes there probably are as many 360s as PS3s. Not to mention piracy on 360 will hit sales of 360 games.. This is why devs are switching now to PS3 for development and porting to 360.

Also @brazilianbumpincher - Well said I agree 100%

secksi-killer2843d ago

does el botto/nasim get bubbles for a great post lol a stupid no source backed-up rant by a notorious ultra fanboy is considered bubble worthy. incredible!! bring back the open zone please. you make us ps3 owners look as pathetic as you.

anyway, it's great to sony doing well. second place beckons, and it's now just a matter of time until they attain it.

sid4gamerfreak2843d ago

im gonna by a slim ps3...

another ps3 sold for sony...

Denethor_II2843d ago

My little brother just bought one, make that another;)

sikbeta2843d ago

The Gap is shrinking in a So Fast way, after the Gap disappear, everything like last gen will repeat itself

avengers19782843d ago

Everyone talks about poor PSP sales but 60 million plus units is impressive. Also way to go on keeping the PS2 going strong. Sony the only company currently supporting 3 different systems.
Oh and by this time next year the PS3 will have sold more than the 360, my guess is by 2.4 million units.

Consoldtobots2843d ago


what was spam about El Botto's post? some bitter fanboys lurking I see.


HolaTarola2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Sorry, wrong reply.

beardpapa2843d ago

If the gap is really arbitrarily close to zero, then it's a possible incentive to why ms is doing a relaunch of their console with natal this october.

deeznuts2843d ago

Gap of 4 million without the benefit of the extra cheat year as well

ico922842d ago

that was a very interesting i to agree with your point, especialy this one

"And how come new XBOX LIVE MEMBERS dont increase proportionally with MS 360 sales? "

Now you could say that not alot of gamers have internet access because for the most part its true , alot of gamers do not have internet access but the 360 is marketed as the "ultimate online gaming experience" why aren't we seeing such a sharp rise in XBL members?

"Havent you noticed the massive 360 deals by Target, Walmart in the previous years? "Buy a 360 and get 50 bucks returned from MS"

another interesting point my guess is because these stores have sh!t loads of 360's in stock and they one get rid of them by any means possible which is why you have such crazy deals for the 360 other than the ps3, you could also link this to the speculations of microsoft counting shipped as sales in other words mabey they are inflated .

kws10652842d ago

"And how come new XBOX LIVE MEMBERS dont increase proportionally with MS 360 sales?"

One day I thought, 'Does MS produce 360 and bury half of them under AREA51 without going to the market?' Something like that. Yeah right...the number doesn't really add up.

bjornbear2842d ago

yet gets blocked for trollling...but then half the other crap on here doesn't...

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unrealgamer582843d ago

I have 3 and plan to buy 2 for my nephew and cousins birthday.

50 million by next fiscal year? thats a given

dangert122843d ago

lol sounds like someone is commited to helping sony win the sales race or w.e you call it...can i have 1 2 i promise i'll be ggod and give you a bublle and agrees when you comment loool

DatNJDom812842d ago

because I believe you have difficulty spelling PS3 with that "hard as$ Slang son!" 4 misspelled words. wow. thats the same as the number of 360 the typical 360 fanboy goes through. hehehe.....

BiggCMan2843d ago

just curious, how come u have 3?
on topic, another 15 million by next year, man, they must have some great stuff brewing for E3, cant wait!!!

slave2Dcontroller2843d ago

I had 3 as well but YLOD has brought me down to 2.

Spawn-KING2843d ago

yeah and I had 6 360 RROD .... Going on 7 ...
Love those 42% plus Failure rate and counting ...

Corepred42843d ago

i'll buy the your ylod ps3 off of you. and spawnking you sound like an abused wife, lmao. you keep getting abused but keep going back for more. lol

RBdrift2843d ago

Great news for Sony,but I hope MS can come clean with there's sales and not spin it by saying how many they've shipped so far.

Bzone242842d ago

Yeah, MS should start saying sold instead of shipped like sony does. Even though they are the same thing.

Sony - Sold to distributor/retailer = Sold to customer
Microsoft - Sold to distributor/retailer = Shipped

Who's spinning their numbers?

IHateYouFanboys2842d ago

both companies sales figures are 'shipped' ones. sony do NOT only say how many consoles are actually in customers hands as they have NO way of knowing. they tell how many they ship, just like microsoft.

the whole 'sony say sold to customers but microsoft say shipped to stores' thing is a complete myth spread by sony fanboys.

look, the PS3 will overtake the 360 eventually - theres no doubt about that whatsoever. but that wont bother microsoft one bit. microsoft came in to the video game competition just one generation ago, against the most successful console of all time, and got smashed. they pulled themselves back up to their feet, and just 1 generation later, after 4 years, are sitting on top having comprehensively shown Sony how its done.

microsoft could not sell another 360 this generation and still be happy because they did their job - they got HUGE market penetration and install base. when they release their next console, theyll do so without fear of noone buying it 'because its not a playstation' like all manufacturers have in the last 10 years.

well done to sony, 13 million is a good figure.

Product2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

They actually improved this last year and are only in the red by 830 million. Better than their previous years where they were in the red by over a billion.

Barbapapa2843d ago

wow. there expecting 50.7m PS3s by next march. either they will bring the price down or sony will be bringing the games.

Product2843d ago

I would expect them to cut the price right before Gran Turismo comes out so these figures are not that far out there in terms of goal. Gran Turismo will be their best seller to date and will move more hardware than any PS3 game before it. If the past is any reference that is.

JAMurida2843d ago

Yeah, hopefully Sony will have their PS3 stock ready this time when GT5 hits the stores and not have it slacking like it was around when FFXIII and God of War III came out.

RememberThe3572843d ago

lol But I'm think they might be expecting a lot from Move and GT5.

UltraNova2843d ago

In all honesty how many copies do you think GT5 will sell and how many consoles will it move?

Lou-Cipher2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

GT5 will probably sell between 12-15 Million units worldwide, and it will push at least a Million PS3's into peoples homes. This also depends on how great the game is.

As long as Polypony didn't screw it up (and I highly doubt they did) it will absolutely kill most exclusives in sells. (excluding those crazy selling Wii titles of course)

UltraNova2843d ago

Based on polyphony's track record and the long development time the game had under these skillful devs I think 'good' would be a major understatement!

12-15 mil? you're very optimistic hah?

I would say 3 in the US, at least 4 maybe 5 in PAL and at least 3 in Japan..

Barbapapa2843d ago

thats 11m which is still huge.

boysenberry2843d ago

The Gran Turismo series has surpassed 50 million in total sales. It should be around 55-60 million total. I'd say alot, or plenty (12-15 million). The PS3 is catching up quickly, and it's not even half way through it's life cycle yet!

UltraNova2843d ago

One thing's for sure, I would definitely buy it in knowing it will be the only racing sim I will need for an entire console generation. And that alone says a lot!

Lou-Cipher2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

The reason I think GT5 will do between 12-15 is because of what Gran Turismo 3 did. (almost 16 Million)O and The PS2 had a much smaller install base when GT3 launched than the PS3 does now for GT5.

Gran Turismo 3 did so much better than the rest because people were really excited to see what the first PS2 GT game could do. The anticipation seems to be bigger this time around for GT5.

I think Halo3 did so very well (almost 11 Million) for the same reason. All those Halo fans that Microsoft built up on the Xbox 1 was freaking out at the thought of a Halo game on a next gen console in HD.

GT 6 wont sell near as many as GT5 will, just because we will have a good Idea on what to expect (that is if GT6 makes it before the PS4 is released) Same reason Halo ODST & Halo Reach wont sell more than Halo 3.

Plus, I think GT5 will sell alot better in America this time around, simply because of the Nascar addition.

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Barbapapa2843d ago

true... even my 55 year old uncle bought GT5P.

Theonik2843d ago

They won't be cutting the price down. What i expect they will be doing instead is bundles with GT5 for 300$. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. Production costs for the slim are rumoured to go down.

TOO PAWNED2843d ago

they cut price in august and had 13 million, now with full year 299 price 15 million is given. If price went down it would sell more....

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