10.0 Alan Wake review reviews Alan Wake; "After five years of development for the studio and concern for the players, it is finally time to deliver our verdict on Alan Wake. "

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GiantEnemyCrab2967d ago

Wow! Perfect score!! Awesome!

Just started playing and I am already sucked in..

Game looks great, the controls are great and I really like the light/dark flashlight play.. Reminds me of AITD and SH a bit but in a good way.. Voice acting is a bit campy but not enough to break the immersion..

SKCShifty2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Glad to see some Reviewer's are starting to giving out perfect score. Also goes to show some reviewers aren't as upset the game isn't on pc and deducting a piont like the majority has but won't admit it...........PATHETIC LOSER'S.

mrv3212967d ago

WAWAWWA everyone hates the 360... WAWAWA PC this etc.

Maybe just maybe, EVERYONE isn't out to get the game and instead reviewing it fairly? Maybe they took some points away due to it's lack of re playability, short singleplayer, over hyped nature and not the best graphics? Could that be a possibility? YEAH.

What's the meta critic.

Arnon2966d ago

"over hyped nature"

Nice contradiction there. Yeah, that's fair.

JokesOnYou2967d ago

Some big scores have recently come out, but regardless of scores, its clear from reading almost every review AW is a must buy, even with some nitpicky gripes imo still its been said over and over again that AW is a game that you cant put down once you get started.