9 Worst Characters For Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Now that Capcom has officially announced the third entry in the fighting franchise, The Kartel thought it would be a great idea to go through some of the characters in the Marvel and Capcom universe to determine which characters from their respective universes should NOT be featured in the future game.

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Rhezin2996d ago

awww what?! Willow would kick ass! He's got those rocks that turn people to stone! Not to mention Val Kilmer support attack! lol

Man In Black2996d ago

Anyone played the game? Played it on PC so I could use the uncensored patch, and it was fantastic.

MAiKU2996d ago

What the hell? Jubilee is awesome! Ok so like her powers need a little modernization since it was like an 80's cartoon we saw the most of her in. X-men evolved showed her a little i think....

But still, i mean combustions that fly out of her hands and take the form of fireworks is freaking AWESOME.

She just needs a little modernization to her character design and powers appearance. And MvC 3 would be just the stage for that.

webeblazing2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

you got a point look at jin from mvc2 he was my fav char and he use to be in a capcom mech fighting game and he had some hott moves, i hope he still and there, matter fact they should make a new game wit him lol

ps jubilee is corney i rather have morth in see how would the do a power like that not like corney seth from SFIV

matter fact lets jack this article and post who we want in this game cause that would of been a better article lmao.

john master lee2996d ago

Agreed, I always loved the concept of Jubilee. Just make her powers more about dropping timed explosives. She can throw them at people, if her fireworks combine they become more powerful. She could power them up for more damage. I think there are some cool things you can do with her in a fighting game.

Rocket Sauce2996d ago

"There is a reason why Jubilee didn’t make it on the cast of the X-Men films."

Jubilee was in all three X-Men movies and she was an assist character in the first Marvel vs. Capcom game.

If mothertrucking Tron Bonne and Servbot can be in the game, Jubilee and the rest of these peeps sure as hell can...and you know you want to dish out wheelchair justice with Professor X.

asdr3wsfas2996d ago

He doesn't want the thing, professsor x, the punisher, or quicksilver? 3 of these characters would have pretty original moves and I'd love to see how capcom would implement them in a fighting game. This list is lame.

FanOfGaming2996d ago

Thing in MvsC3 would be awesome, only if he pwns Juggernaut.

Fishy Fingers2996d ago

No one pwns the Human Juggernaut dude! Well, apart from Gladiator maybe...

webeblazing2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

no thing he strong but hes butt, i rather have hulk and want hulk to have a rage mode dont make since hulk get stronger when hes mad but dont put it in games but let akuma get his boom boom room that kill everybody that he catches wit it (my friend catches everybody dats no expecting it.)
and there no limit to what marvel chars they can use its way too many they gotta have thor and capcom did this at the rite time cuz the can try to get money to advertise for the upcoming marvel movies.

o yea i want finisher not like mk but on the lvl of akuma boom boom room ( think they call it raging dragon ) and dark ryu ( dark hado) and evil ken ( from when bison turned him evil).

i could go on forever and make the rich in the process lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.