Spartans Standing Tall Despite Pouring Rain; Kratos "Definitely" Could Live On

PSLS writes:

Could Kratos, having defeated the Gods of Olympus went on to become a god himself? We'll have to wait and see, and apparently, we'll have to wait until May 28th for more information. Which if you have your calenders marked like I do, is right before E3 hits in June.

A recent interview with the game's director, Stig Asmussen adds credence to this theory, as Stig himself concludes that Kratos' immortality "definitely" allows him to continue on to another series

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cupogoodness2730d ago

As long as he keeps moving the green he'll be back.

user94220772730d ago

Hopefully a showing at E3

doctorstrange2730d ago

Whatever it turns out to be, I can't wait

JonnyBigBoss2730d ago

You aways gotta respect what Sony Santa Monica is working on.

fishd2730d ago

More God of War...Fukc yeah

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