IncGamers - Mac Steam Details Revealed

IncGamers reports the system requirements for Mac Steam:

"For those of you that have a Mac, you're probably like me when someone says "Blah blah, PC play games, blah blah," and you're probably thinking "I have a console for gaming" and I'd rather my machine never crashed.

As far as PC gamers are concerned, that's not a valid retort. But now, with more information being released from Valve about Steam for Mac compatibility, you'll be able to silence those who are intent on making the point PCs are better than Macs."

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Leord2916d ago

That is the classic logo we know and love. :)

Fyzzu2916d ago

Considering the number of Mac gamers out there, I'm guessing this is going to add a massive influx of, ooh, six players to the Steam gaming world.

2916d ago
saint_john_paul_ii2916d ago

Denial is strong within you my friend.

Moentjers2916d ago

right, and Macs still run on PowerPC cpu's :-/

electricshadow2916d ago

Oh shut up. There's a reason why you have four bubbles. Just because it's not a platform you use for gaming doesn't mean no one else will use it. PC is my favourite gaming platform. I'm currently in college and I only have a MacBook Pro. The news of Steam coming to Mac has me very excited. So, it looks like there's going to be SEVEN people joining the massive influx of gamers. Please, in the future, think before you type. You'll look like less of a moron.

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Maticus2916d ago

The cross-platform element is brilliant. About time something like this came along.

Fyzzu2916d ago

Not surprising, though. From memory most Mac games have crossplay with their PC equivalents.

A nice touch, nonetheless.

chak_2916d ago

That's a good first step.

Now release it for linux, somehow force devs to work in openGL and we'll send the mighty microsoft burning in hell with it's 360.

I only use windows for gaming, and I'd be really glad to go to something else if there was the option

Dorjan2916d ago

It has been a long time coming!

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The story is too old to be commented.