Interview with PLAYDEAD

resumeplay writes: "PLAYDEAD is a relatively unknown developer from Copenhagen, Denmark, but that is likely to change. At the IGF (Indie Game Festival) they won awards in Technical Excellence and Visual Arts for their first IP LIMBO. "

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mau642858d ago

great interview Jonathan. I need to play this game.

VenerableBmoney2858d ago

Agreed. Concept looks pretty cool. And Indie devs are always good about quality (maybe always is too strong.)

Ziriux2858d ago

Great interview, love the developers name. :)

mau642858d ago

yeah playdead is a good name.

SKGamer2858d ago

Yeah I like seeing full developer interviews like this. Keep up the good work guys

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smashly2858d ago

the art style reminds me of the new winterbottom game

SKGamer2858d ago

very true. and I want to try that one, partially because of its unique art style. go get me some pies.

sdoodguy012858d ago

I remember reading a few reviews on this game a few months back. I really wanted to give it a shot, great interview!