Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare screens

Five new Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare E3 screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

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solidt123881d ago

This is the second most impressive game at E3 so far as graphics are concerned. Killzone 2 is number one so far all around

InMyOpinion3881d ago

I actually think that COD 4 looks better than Killzone 2. KZ2 did'nt have much effects like lighting or rain. COD 4 has crisper graphics with more detailed textures IMO.

Gamer luv3881d ago

Im sorry, i have to disagree there because to me, KZ2 looked nothing special, and as far as im concerned Haze and COD4 to me look like theyll set the bar graphicaly.

dissectionalrr3881d ago

gotta agree with the above statement. i don't think kz2 looks any better than cod4. if anything.. the texture work is better on cod4. all else is equal.

DrRage773881d ago

i completely agree that this game look absolutely amazing. i was sitting on my couch with wide eyes at the game demo during the microsoft press conference for this game. i actually thought Cod4 was just going to be another game like Cod2 and Cod3, but this one actually looks completely different since we are only used to the older world wars associated with the Call of Duty franchise. This game is definitely in my top 10 games to get. I can't really narrow the list down from there since there was a HUGE amount of great games revealed by microsoft that are coming out this year (2007) which I am going to have to wife is going to hate me this year with all the attention I am gonne be showing my 360 :P

Cartesian3D3881d ago

read Gamespot and IGN impression , and then say BS about LIGHTING and Particle effects and other effects.. ok? they know far more than u about quality of games imo ..

BTW COD4 screens are impressive but not even near impressive as KZ..

hikikimori3881d ago

I think this looks amazing. KZ2 is in another league though.
But this is a MASSIVE improvement of the last 2 DUTY games. Almost as good as Crysis engine, and that's an achievement since Crysis is running on a gazillion dollar PC rig, and this is running on a 360.