Square Enix: DLC is 'a must' for our games

Develop: Digital content is now "a massive part of" Square Enix Europe's remit, says the group's CEO Phil Rogers.

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Godmars2903136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

There's always the option that lets you watch all the cut-scenes at once or one at a time.

Throw in a rotating and zoom feature tot he creature atlas, and I'd pay $20 for it.

even though something like that should have been included...

Redempteur3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

you're a f**l if you think dlc for a single player game (rpg) is anything good. You should want your game complete from the start ..

if it's online components or some costumes , that can pass , but any other form of dlc is Not wanted for the rpg genre .. , buying levels, skills via dlc should be banned.

At least he is talking about lara croft ,it's not a rpg so i don't really care ..
BUT i want my rpgs comlete from the start (please don't do a namco bandai )

FinalFantasyFanatic3136d ago

Actually I would like a cutscene viewer, but I don't want to pay for it (It can't be that hard to implement because FFX did it). That's actually the only DLC on my 'Do want' list for FF13 if Square-Enix was going to make any DLC.

Tony P3136d ago

I'd like it if DLC replaced the milky habit of creating multiple versions of the same game with just a bit of extra content. International versions, extra versions, etc.

Unfortunately, DLC never seems to be created to actually save us money.

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logichurtsfanboys3136d ago

"Square Enix: DLC is 'a must' for our pockets."


Yi-Long3136d ago

... guess I won't be spending money on full-priced Square games then...

SaiyanFury3136d ago

Yup, more of S-E's behaviour as a corporation; more money for less. I wish they'd go back to being the legendary RPG developers that Squaresoft was 7-8 years ago.

Yi-Long3136d ago

... all the real RPG talent from years ago left the company a long time ago, didn't they!?

I guess the people who are still left at the company care more about making a quick buck by nickle-and-diming their customers, instead of offering them great games with value for money.

Maybe Square can join with Activision(!)

Chris3993136d ago

sadly I don't think that we'll ever see those glory days again. That was back when gaming was still a bit niche, before the big bucks came into play.

Jesus, Cliffy B (hate him, for whatever reason, mostly because of his ego) was on syndicated late-night t.v. last night; promoting GeOW3 like it was a Hollywood blockbuster.

Time have changed. This is big business now, and it's all about the cash.

SaiyanFury3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

@ Yi-Long

Oh I know man, believe me. I always say,"Squaresoft was a developer devoted to making great games. S-E is a corporation looking to make money".
I know it'll never be the same again, in which I thank God I kept my original PlayStation and all of my original black label Squaresoft RPGs.

@ Chris

I know man, I know. I still believe the JRPG genre never *really* left the niche category. The real lack of JRPGs this generation shows me that. The truth is in many ways, the game industry is already as big as the movie industry and schmucks like Cliffy B. or whoever are just the chest thumping chimps that try to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the games industry. I'm just thankful that games like Star Ocean 4 and Tales of Vesperia are around. Now, Namco-Bandai would get off their collective asses and bring it overseas already, I'd be a happy camper!

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Baka-akaB3136d ago

Hum all of you guys moaning about their rpgs didnt realise the comment was about Eidos ? Basically what SE europe stands for currently .

Godmars2903136d ago

And everyone's forgotten/forgiven them about the 360 exclusive Tomb Raider DLC that was only deleted/cut from the full game? Poorly regarded as well.

midgard2273136d ago

whats wrong with them thinking up a new story that takes up afterwards and selling it for 30 bucks on psn or live? it cud be a 20 hour experience instead of them putting full recources to make a whole sequel.

tho i know alot of u wudnt like a sequel, i just finished the game and i enjoyed it. 2 things that wuda made the game better for me personally tho, a better main villian (F'n Pope) and more limit breaks.

besides that the game picks up and is really good, i wud love to see more lightning and the others.......maybe not hope, but u know lol