Interview: Crytek's Yerli On Why Graphics Still Matter

"I think graphics matter a lot," Yerli asserts. "It depends on the type of game. If graphics and technology, AI and physics provide you a better experience but a challenge, then ultimately it does matter. You can get an experience out of Crysis 2 you just don't get anywhere else."

He poses: "The call to action for developers is look at your core experience and ask yourself: Is it worthwhile, the need [for] technology? Or is it just a matter of writing a Flash 3D engine and moving into other markets?"

"In my world of gamemaking, I want to deliver blockbuster, highly interactive, highly intense experiences for people that feel like they're in a Hollywood movie," Yerli explains. "And that's just not possible on another social platform where graphics don't matter."

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dangert123169d ago

who's betting on this game 'pretty' boring cause i am

Gradient3169d ago

It's only when a certain console lost the 'graphics crown' when graphical achievement became 'irrelevant'.

dangert123169d ago

still flaming are 1day you'll grow up