Lair demo may be coming post launch

Within the IGN "Pre-E3 2007: Lair Near-Final Preview", one can read the fine print on the highly talked about and anticipated Lair demo, supposedly coming in July! At the end of the preview its states:

"Indeed, you'll be able to check it out for yourself because our Sony rep was confident that a Lair demo would appear on the PlayStation Network, although they admitted it could well be POST launch because Factor 5 is working flat out to get the actual game finished."

So perhaps the demo might not come in the month of July after all!

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Komrad3944d ago

Perhaps it will. We're nowhere until next week.

Mr_Kuwabara3944d ago

Sony has confirmed that they will support the PSN with trailers and such about the E3 games that will be shown like what MS is doing with XBL.

SKUD3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Really needs to make it a requirement for game demos to be released on PSN before final game is released. Great way for feedback on there PS blog.

Satanas3944d ago

The biggest concern for this game I have right now is the frame issue that some previewers had reported. If they had to fix this at the cost of delaying a demo, then I can understand why they would delay it.