The Case for Final Fantasy XIII's Linearity

BlobDude writes: "Many have been crying foul at the linearity of Final Fantasy XIII. And this particular complaint has been bugging me like crazy.

Linearity is far from new in the Final Fantasy series. All that Square Enix did so different with this one was create what is, essentially, a really (really!) long tutorial. Being an experienced FF player, I can't say I needed it, but it was definitely helpful. When the game does open up, a mastery of the battle system is the most needed skill, as the difficulty ramps up insanely thanks to a smattering of enemies at levels far and above what a party at that point in the game can handle. I can near guarantee that someone who's never played a Final Fantasy title could jump on board with this one and be almost as good by the same time. Of course, that fact alone could be enough to have some hardcore FF fans angry. Having just arrived at the point where the game opens up and spent a few hours with it, I can say that this game is far from disappointing."

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