Theme Hospital returns; Corsix-TH second beta released

Gamer Limit writes "After another three months of continued development, the second beta of the open source Theme Hospital remake has finally been unleashed."

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thedoctor2915d ago

I wasn't the biggest fan of Theme Park, but I freaking loved Theme Hospital.

overlordror2915d ago

Pretty interesting. Will it be free?

peeps2915d ago

i assume so. u need the original game installed to play it though (something i didn't realise lol) i originally owned theme hospital on ps1 but ah well, wudda been nice to take a trip down memory lane with a better res etc

jay22915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

You can DL a demo of Theme Hospital from the same people.

execution172915d ago

used to waste my days playing this game :( just to bad i didn't complete it

chrisjc2915d ago


DangerCurtis2915d ago

Oh Theme Hospital. I remember playing this game on the original Playstation. In the later levels, the hospitals would be so booming that the PS1 couldn't handle all the commotion. The result, it always froze on me. The only console game to ever do that.

themizarkshow2915d ago

I can't wait to lose my life to a new version of this game.

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