Army of Two Interview: Licensed To Kill

In Army of Two, heroes Salem and Rios are outfitted with cutting edge weaponry, sport armor plating, and use battle tactics not sanctioned by the military. They're private military company (PMC) soldiers, and they're from a world few know about.

To lend authenticity to the game, EA turned to Richard Woodie Mister, an ex-Navy Seal who's been living in the world of the private military companies, including Blackwater, for the past few years and now consults on projects like this through his studio Atlantica Group (he's also worked on the Splinter Cell series and SWAT 4). Having experienced combat in Panama, Albania, Africa, and Kosovo, and having contracted for various private and government agencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, Woodie, as he likes to be called, knows this stuff better than anyone.

1up recently spoke with him to get the full scoop on the game and the world of the PMC soldier.

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DrPirate3943d ago

Really cool stuff, I thought this interview was really interesting. Takes the game to a whole new level of (virtual) reality.

Heres to looking forward to playing Army of Two.