Interview: Alone in the Dark with Noir Polloni

Now the franchise has a new instalment, in a title that is using the full force of the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC to set the spooky scene. Edward Carnby is back, alone in a game far darker than ever before. sit down with producer Noir Polloni to learn more.

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MK_Red3944d ago

Havne't heard any recent news about this one. Hopefully it can be a great AITD game and get past that awefull Uwe Boll movie.

Rhezin3944d ago

that movie was sh!t and don't even consider it anything having to do with AITD. The true AITD was the oldschool version on PC. Scarier than any PC game at the time. Hope this one is scarier and prob will be now that it looks more real.