Guerrilla Games Prepping More Than One Project

PSLS writes:

The much-anticipated follow up to Killzone 2 has been oft rumored as of late, but may not be all the Amsterdam-based developer is working on.

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Bnet3433138d ago

I can see them working on another Killzone game for PSP. Liberation was very good.

ftwrthtx3138d ago

We really need another Killzone PSP game. Liberation was great and one of the most fun shooters for the PSP IMO.

TOO PAWNED3138d ago

Killzone Liberation 2 on PS3 would be sweet. TPS, with cover like Uncharted, sign me in.

zeeshan3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

It would be a shame to not use that superb engine on other ideas. GG are the ones that started the whole OH.MY.GOD.THOSE.ARE.SOME.INSAN E.GRAPHICS trend and I'd love to see not only Killzone 3 but something fresh, something not Killzone, something with more colors, more details. Perhaps a TPS? GG are BRILLIANT and I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves next :)

morganfell3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

As long as one of those titles tells the story from the Helghast side. I do not mean a Helghast soldier that comes to think Scholar Visari is wrong. Instead I want a character that watched his family exiled by the Vektans, saw his mother die from the rugged Helghan atmosphere, and witnessed his fathers death at the hands of the Vektan invaders. No title similar to the remorseful Nazi routine. I stead a ruthless, brutal, strike team leader.

I liked Colonel Hakka but he was a traitor and in that regard we might as well be a Vektan troop. The gamer should get the full on look at the conflict from the other side. After all, the Helghast have a hell of an axe to grind concerning which many of the people that did not play the first game are unaware.

Mista T3138d ago

It's gonna be a killzone for PSP2

ps3gamerkyle3138d ago

We NEED another PSP shooter from Guerilla Games. That would be awesome.

Microsoft Xbox 3603138d ago

No! What we need from GG is a whole different game not another shooter. I bet their K2 engine would look absolutely stunning in a platforming game. Invent a new character for the PlayStation brand.

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LarVanian3138d ago

Killzone 3 and a new IP. That would be great!

Scolar Visari3138d ago

I'd like to see this as well. :)

morganfell3138d ago

Killzone 3 and Guerrilla Games reboot of a dark and brutal Syphon Filter.

user94220773138d ago

Just give us Killzone 3 already.

arakouftaian3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Zipper was working in two games at the same time,
Insomniac are working on two or maybe 3 games at the same time, and now Guerrilla Games to are working on two games at the same time i like this, i hope one of them is a next gen game ps4 or a new IP for the ps3

Killzon3 is going to be mind blowing

Sev3138d ago

You can bet Insomniac works on 2 games at once, there would be no other way if they wanted to continue to perpetually release blockbuster after blockbuster.

mastiffchild3138d ago

I was told the reason they said 60FPS games were no more from them was because their next games were going multiplatform-but who knows? I'd be kind of sad but can't begrudge them the extra coin it brings!

wazzim3138d ago

lol why wouldn't you be able to make a 60fps game on 2 platforms? Many did it before them.

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The story is too old to be commented.