A List of Things Microsoft and Sony's Motion Controllers Must Have to Succeed.

With the announcement of Playstation Move, all three consoles on the market will be competing with motion control as part of their arsenals. The Wii came out the gate with Motion Control as its primary function and have seen impressive sales since its launch. Sony and Microsoft are now past the staging areas and are getting ready to drop their motion technology on the world. Coming this late in the game will Playstation Move and Project Natal make a dent in the market Nintendo is dominating? GOS comes together to give our opinions about the things Microsoft and Sony's Motion Controllers must have in order to succeed.

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WildArmed3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

What is 'Good Games'?

(that's a jeopardy reference btw)

And the issue of Reliability is a good point to bring up. I really didn't think of this before hand, but electronics these days aren't very healthy.

Michael-Jackson3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I won't be surprised if this happens "We all know about rrod, but if something like that happens to Natal it's over".

How will Lagtal target real gamers? it lags, worse gameplay mechanic EVAAAA!!!

Guy 1: Do you know how to play this game? because you suck and you look like an Idiot while playing it.
Guy 2: Yes but It Lagged on me again :(