Teletext: White Knight Chronicles Review

Teletext writes: After our criticism of Heavy Rain it's a sobering experience to see a more traditional example of video game storytelling.

Especially one with equally traditional gameplay that nevertheless fails to save the game from mediocrity.

Indeed the remedial effort made in plot, dialogue and voice-acting illustrates exactly why Quantic Dreams were right to try to shake things up.

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gaffyh3011d ago

"Indeed the remedial effort made in plot, dialogue and voice-acting illustrates exactly why Quantic Dreams were right to try to shake things up."

Ok now that is stupid, they are mentioning a completely different type of game in their review, and the only link between them is that they are PS3 exclusive. Also, these guys seem ridiculously unprofessional, they don't even know that it's Quantic Dream, NOT Quantic DreamS.

Anyway, I've been playing the game, and I like it a lot more than Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery. There are definitely some problems, too many cutscenes (but good that you can skip), and a few user interface issues, but other than that it is pretty good. I'd give it 7/10 personally, the Geonet feature is pretty cool, and I can see it sucking a lot of my time.

Bungie3011d ago

this game got a lot of bad reviews from all big sites

i'm not surprised

Pennywise3011d ago Show
Myst3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Can you guys at least talk about the same game :p.

Penny you are listing reviews for Heavy Rain, while Bungie is talking about White Knight. Which in a way Bungie is right as White knight hasn't been doing too hot, but it's fun nonetheless ( have the game ). While I suppose Penny is right in his own way as Heavy Rain is a good experience (though he is posting due to Gaffyh's comment.

Either way I'd say try the game out for yourself to judge, this game by no means is a 4/10 though it's their opinion, in my own I'd say it's a 7.25~7.75. Somewhere in that ball park I'd say. As for Heavy Rain instant 9.0 and probably beyond, though the controls need a bit of tweaking but it's not a game breaker so a higher score could be justified.

rambi803011d ago

i would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Microsoft for keeping idiots like Bungie away from PSN.

Keep up the good work.

Julie3011d ago

Nuri! i finished the single player yesterday was fun and had no issues i will pm u what i did :)

And i agree this game is fun no way a 4 lol , i see that score and i can't help but just to get the lulz , of course it is not a masterpiece but is still waaay better than a lot other RPGs this generation. IMO websites and reviews like this should only be ignored well that is what i do :)

Hellsvacancy3011d ago

Teletxt is so 80s/90s, mentioned teletext 2-my stoner buddy last night whilst we where in the middle of a good session and he "r teletxt STILL goin?"

vhero3011d ago

Not that I normally disagree with much lately I have truly give up reviewers and people on here but seriously 4.10 for this AND heavy rain? Somebody really has PS3 hate no? I mean the games are far from perfect I personally hated Heavy Rain demo hold L2 just to walk? WTF??? but anyways 4/10 is handed out to the bottom low trash that litter the wii bin nothing more. Obviously the reviewer for teletext just either hates PS3 OR is just not a games reviewer.

Dark Collosis3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Please remove your head from you know where.. Bungie was RIGHT on the money with what he said.. You than quote another games scores? Maybe you should check what thread your in before you post.. This game is a huge waste of money and has recieved many bad scores.

GamePro = 70

White Knight Chronicles is definitely hit-or-miss at times, and while it finds itself occasionally hampered by a stale single-player campaign and wonky combat system, the overall experience brings just enough fresh content and online innovations to the table to make it a worthwhile purchase for hardcore JRPG fans.

Game Informer = 73

White Knight Chronicles was a disappointment for me, especially coming from a quality developer like Level-5. Some of the studio’s trademark customization helps to give the game some legs, as does its hefty multiplayer component. However, for interesting combat, deep characters, and an engaging fantasy, I’d look elsewhere.

1UP = 42

When I'm in the market for an RPG, it's for a select few reasons: I'm looking for an epic story, rad loot, combat that stimulates the tactical chunks of my brain, and beautiful environments. White Knight Chronicles does none of these things well. To top it all off, the game inexplicably ends after less than 30 hours with most of the major plot points left wholly unresolved.

GameSpy = 60

Though the game features several imaginative environments, the same can't be said for its pedestrian, trope-riddled story.

Eurogamer= 70

Despite their relative strength, the disparate halves of White Knight Chronicles fail to gel in meaningful ways.

IGN = 51

White Knight Chronicles is a disappointment. Besides the unimpressive visuals and poorly-told story, the game suffers from a flawed battle system and inconsistent gameplay rules.

Obviously this game is BAD...

Sorry if i hurt some fanboys feelings but this game is no better than
the 360 RPG Infinite Undiscovery which had a meta of 68, or the Last Remenant. Which both where murdered by the PS3 fanboys saying how the 360 is the reason JRPGs suck.

@raztad. Maybe so that this game is average, but considering ALL the hype that sony fans have done for this game the past years. NOT to mention all the AVERAGE JRPGs that have come out on the 360 and have been smerked at which all have better AVG scores.. ITs time to eat the crow my friend. One of my favorite games is also scored average..=> Too Human=65 .... White Knight= 64 ...

Myst3011d ago

Congratulations and thanks for the PM. Have you started NewGame+ yet? If so just run through the bosses until you get to the end again, as everything continues to retain it's level as the first game so no need in fighting those lower monsters at the beginning :p.

Shadow Flare3011d ago

Teletext Reviews
- a subsidary of edge reviews-

raztad3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

@Dark Collis

From your post I can not deduct WKC is a bad game, average perhaps. In any case the main gripe of those reviewers is the story. I guess game is a little late to the party and cliche Japanesse afair is not welcome anymore.

What I find odd is Eurogamer, usually rather harsh on PS3 games, scored it with a solid 7. Probably they enjoyed the innovative MMO like component, which many people around are talking about. And btw, WKC2 is on the way, which is awesome news because is clear there is a solid foundation, just need to get a better story this time.

Regarding Teletext, why you people even care? what is Teletext? I'm sure as hell I dont know who they are and I dont care about their opinions.



Well game is already almost 2 years old, and the bar has been raised several times since it was published in Japan. What make things worse is FFXIII with its gorgeous visuals and complex storyline coming in just a few weeks. The low scores dont surprise me at all.

"eat crow"? lame words buddy. It's up to your personal expectations. I think you are having quite a fanboyist stance. Both games the hyped Too human and not so hyped WKC are average. What is your point?

Syronicus3011d ago

Knowing that they have managed to in a single day bash two games for the Sony PS3. Their heads will sleep easy on their huge pillows tonight as they marvel in their love of their fanboy trends.

InfectedDK3011d ago

Review of Teletext by me: 0,0000000001/100

Shadow Flare3011d ago

Everyone who's wondering what teletext is, do a google image search for them. You'll quickly realise why they're not a great source for your gaming needs

PS3Freak3011d ago

I disagree, i'm actually enjoying this game. I'd give it a 7 as well.

The voice acting is laughable though.

SoapShoes3011d ago

Bungie may have been right in that it's not doing so hot, but that does not mean Teletext is somehow professional or any justification of this review. The review sucks automatically for even mentioning Heavy Rain, not to mention their other unprofessional writings.

raztad3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )


I'm guessing Teletext thinks Heavy Rain is a Japanese RPG.

This is a waste of time. Moving on.

Pennywise3011d ago

LOL! My apologies. I was stuck in yesterday with HR teletext.

I am enjoying WKC. Its not the best, but it is not 4/10 either. Either way teletext is still a joke.

2Spock3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

In no way shape or form is WKC a 4. It is a solid 5, man some people just can not get their reviews right.

Shows how much you know about HeavyRain you have to hold R2 to walk not L2.....=P

FamilyGuy3011d ago

Show of hands, who has actually bought this game and thinks it was "a waste of money"?

I'm still having a great time with it and don't regret a dollar spent. Though I WAS worried when all those low scores were coming in days before I would receive my copy. Luckily the game ended better than I expected and all reviews I see for it below 7/10 seem ignorant.

borgome3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

This game is great.

rockleex3010d ago

On my friends list has been playing it consistently.

Nobody would play a 4/10 game that much.

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3011d ago
Grodd3011d ago

Especially Sony exclusives. Can they be more transparent?

Ronster3163011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Another mediocre review for WKC.

So the question is....... which is FLOPPIER? WKC or Last Rebellion?

How about we let the FLOP-O-METER decide.

No winner, it's a dead heat, they're both as crappy as each other.

Pennywise3011d ago

It is amazing how many email accounts you juggle. You must write all your account names for N4G down. It must get very confusing for a simple minded fella like you.

ps3hasonlyflopgames3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

ps3 the house of flops of j-rpgs... :P

and the next victim is last flop rebelion

mark my words ;)

Aquarius3011d ago

FFXIII the distorted version will be the MOST FLOPPY.

Wrathman3011d ago

as much as i like to see ps3 fanboys get slapped in the face by review scores, teletext wouldnt be my 1st stop in getting a review.and if anyone doesnt know what or who teletext is..its the little button on your tv remote.the one with the box and 3 lines thru it.or it just says 'TEXT'.

buts its clear they are at the far extreme on the review scale.a bit like the opposite of an official ps3 site review of a ps3 exclusive.but i did look up an xbox game to compare.i looked at mass effect 2.which they awarded a 9/10.then i looked at uncharted got a 9/10.

so by that reasoning we can assume 2 things.1..they score very hard.or 2.the reviewer is not open to all genres of game.

but he may just be the son of the editor and a complete xbox fanboy!!

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wholikeswood3011d ago

Another for the pile... *sigh*

MGS4: 80 vs. 94 Meta
Killzone 2: 70 vs. 91 Meta
Wipeout Fury: 80 vs. 89 Meta
NG Sigma: 80 vs. 88 Meta
Heavy Rain: 40 vs. 88 Meta
Resistance 2: 70 vs. 87 Meta
Flower: 70 vs. 87 Meta
Crack in Time: 70 vs. 87 Meta
inFamous: 70 vs. 85 Meta
Fat Princess: 60 vs. 79 Meta
White Knight: 40 vs. 66 Meta
Socom: 40 vs. 63 Meta

Pennywise3011d ago

Wow, they really know how to bring down the average. What could be their reasoning?

What qualifies for a 90 from these amateurs?

wholikeswood3011d ago

Uncharted 2 and LittleBigPlanet both managed to get 9s from them, but not a single 10/10 for a PS3 exclusive in sight...

lucifon3011d ago

Having played all these games (other than Heavy Rain) after getting my PS3 almost entirely for KZ2 (only to be terribly let down) I have to agree with pretty much all those scores. Only one I disagree with is InFamous, that game was absolutely awesome.

Using the entire review scale that is, not the 7-10 score range almost all the big mainstream media sites now use.

militant073011d ago

I will give heavy rain bad score if i reviewd it as game,
but its not its Interactive Drama

Redempteur3011d ago

Flower and fat princess low ??

Lol ...

BY the way White knight is a really good game ...too bad those guys probably didn't even enjoy it since well you need to finish the game to trully unlock online ..( you're limited in upgrades if you haven't cleared the game)

silvacrest3011d ago

lets just face it, teletext is probably just a bunch of 360 fanboys, the actual TV service called teletext died ages ago, this website is just using its name

god knows who is running the site now

FF7numbaone3011d ago

lol I like hating edge better tele whatever need to stop reviewing games.

callahan093011d ago

This guy is a joke. He complains about Heavy Rain not even being a game, because of the manner of its interactivity. Well, to that I say, how is it any less of a game than Guitar Hero? Guitar Hero games are nothing more than QTE's, and in fact Heavy Rain IS more than just QTE's. If you want to get down to the QTE argument, though, then in Guitar Hero you have to press the right buttons at the right times to continue through a song, and in Heavy Rain you have to press the right buttons at the right times to continue through the game.

Only the game shapes itself to your input in Heavy Rain, unlike in Guitar Hero which just gives you noise when you fail to press the button at the right time. Each scenario evolves based on your input in Heavy Rain, if you miss a cue, it doesn't break the stream the way missing a cue in Guitar Hero does. And in Heavy Rain you get options, there are many situations where you have the option to make a choice, and that choice will impact the way the game progresses. In some supposedly QTE scenarios in Heavy Rain you are given more than one button that you can press, and neither of them is more "correct" than the other, it's a CHOICE, something that is more in depth than Guitar Hero inputs.

So I ask, if TeleText are willing to give Guitar Hero games 8+ scores (which they have), then why are they going to go ahead and say that Heavy Rain doesn't qualify as a game? And their criticisms of the acting and script are laughable. This game is incredibly engrossing. There is a lot of emotional punch, intensity, fear, that comes through in a variety of the scenes. People absolutely love to watch me play it, because of the situations that happen, the scenarios, the character interactions, etc.

That 4 out of 10 is the most unfair, ignorant, misleading review that I have ever seen and quite frankly MetaCritic should remove them from their list of sites.

I mean, come on, EVERY SINGLE REVIEW by TeleText is poorly written schlock where every sentence gets its own paragraph, and you'll find typographical and / or factual errors in nearly all of their reviews as well. Their scores are always statistical outliers, any truly educated statistician would have thrown away their bullshit scores from analysis long ago, and that's getting more evident the more they release their scores. They need to be ostracized.

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