PSX Extreme: White Knight Chronicles Review

PSX Extreme writes: "RPG games aren't very easy to develop, and they especially take a long time to bring over to a region outside of Japan. White Knight Chronicles is one such example, and it was not only in development for a number of years, but it also took a long time to finally arrive stateside. Now, I've been playing WKC for a number of weeks, before it even arrived on store shelves, and admittedly, every time I sat down to play, I was enjoying myself. Now, I normally never bring up other reviews, but when I saw some of the absolute bull some of these critics wrote about WKC, a certain feeling came over me...I can't explain what, but it wasn't a pleasant one. One major online site says WKC is worth a 5.1 - and that's absolutely moronic, because a 5.1 is practically unplayable. And unplayable this game is not..."

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hatchimatchi2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

This guy is saying what fans of the game have been saying the past week. The major outlets rushed through the game and judged it unfairly or compared it to other games that have nothing to do with WKC. It didn't help either that the game was released right after ME2, that shouldn't play a role but sadly it does in most cases when it comes to reviewers.

It's not the best rpg ever made and the gameplay mechanics won't appeal to everyone, but that doesn't make it's a bad game. I'm really glad I didn't listen to the reviews, I almost held off on buying it but level 5 has made some of my favorite games so I figured i'd give it a try. It's an excellent game through and through.

kavka32960d ago

I like how they took a jag at IGN.

hatchimatchi2960d ago

Me too.

I usually never follow reviews or care about them but IGN lost a lot of credibility with me, as well as other review sites due to the scores they gave this game.

I could definitely understand giving this game a 7.5 but it sersiouly doesn't deserve anything lower. The game plays how it was intended to play. There are no major glitches. The graphics are good. Online system runs without a hitch. It seems like most reviewers didn't like the battle system or story. That shouldn't bring a games score down. I don't like RTS games but that doesn't mean they are terrible games.

Ravage272960d ago

but considering the way they throw 9s around, a 5.1 is just bullsh%t.

VsAssassin2960d ago

I reviewed this game and my score is quite identical with this one. Seriously, I don't know which WKC version IGN played. This is nowhere near a mediocre game.

TheHater2960d ago

have to agree. I was wonder if I was playing a different game than what the reviewers reviewed.

WIIIS12960d ago

No wonder they call themselves Extremists. A respectable reviewer would not be criticizing other reviewers of being bull or moronic. That sounds like what some Extreme PS3 fanboys on this site would say and we know there's no credibility with such people.

hatchimatchi2960d ago

funny thing about WKC is that the only people hyping it were the ps3 fanboys on n4g, these are also the same people who most likely had no interest in buying the game. The people who actually wanted to play the game weren't boasting that it was a triple aaa exclusive, we were just excited to finally play the game and to add another jrpg to our collection.

take your trollish ways elsewhere.

WIIIS12960d ago

Just because I think that your preferred reviewer has no credibility doesn't make me a troll, I'm afraid. Like I've said, respectable sites do not have to resort to denigrating others in order to make their point, and reasonable people should tend to agree with that.