NWR: Fatal Frame Translation Team Interview

There are plenty of games that never get an official release outside of Japan, but few fans thought that Fatal Frame IV would be one of those games. Yet it's been more than a year and a half since the unique horror game came out in Japan and almost all hopes for an official English release have been extinguished.

However, a team of hackers and translators recently released the first version of their Riivolution File Replacement System for the Wii, with an English translation for Fatal Frame IV alongside it. As long as they have an SD card and an official imported copy of the game, interested Wii owners can have the opportunity of playing Fatal Frame IV with translated text and art assets.

Recently, NWR had a chance to conduct an interview with three members from that team: Colin "Tempus" Noga, Clayton "Mr.Mongoose" Ramsey, and Aaron "AerialX."

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