5 Xbox 360 Games That Could Be Ported to the PS3

One of the main critcisms of the PlayStation 3 at launch was that it barely had any good games, whereas the Xbox 360, with its 12 month headstart, had plenty, with even more in the pipeline. Fortunately for Sony, the tide may be turning and developers are starting to take the PS3 seriously. Long-standing Microsoft-friendly developers like Bioware are starting to realise the potential to make money by releasing new games on both platforms. But what about older games that were originally Microsoft exclusive? Well, games that are actually published by Microsoft are going nowhere and likewise there are some games that the PS3 simply doesn't need. Those aside, here are PlayStation Future's suggestions of which console-exclusive games should get ported across:

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Hellsvacancy3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Id rent Mass Effect (more then likely buy it) as 4-the others? i couldnt care-less

paradigmfellow3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Sames here I don't like the others at all besides mass effect, I would love see Magna Carta 2 on the PS3 as well.

militant073209d ago

If they want to release MASS EFFECT 1 on ps3 they will have to build it from scratch because its owned by Microsoft just like Ninja Gaiden.
and use diffrent name as far as I know.

young juice3209d ago

mass effect 1 was published by microsoft. you probably wont be seeing that on ps3.

left 4 dead haha, ps3 owners don't even want it.

id say splinter cell conviction and mass effect 2 have the highest chances of seeing the ps3. which is bad for microsoft because IMHO those are the 2 best games they have this year.

after odst im not really looking forward to halo:reach

D4RkNIKON3209d ago

I don't care much for xbox exclusives. I will give ME2 a shot (when) it comes to PS3. I just find it funny when 360 loses ground like with Bioshock and the GTA4 DLC.

Has PS3 ever had a timed exclusive that went to the xbox? /serious question

StanLee3209d ago

Shouldn't Mass Effect 2 be 100%. I think it's an almost certainty at this point. Funny that Left 4 Dead is 10%, should be more like 0%.

Kushan3209d ago

Bioware (EA) owns the rights to Mass Effect, not Microsoft. They wouldn't be able to port even Mass Effect 2 if they couldn't port Mass Effect 1 to the PS3 due to license agreements.
It doesn't matter who published what originally, Bioware owns the IP and can do what they like with it, they just might need another publisher to put it on the PS3 - but look, since ME1 was released, they're now owned by EA, one of the largest publishers out there, so I doubt that'll be an issue.
Honestly, the only thing preventing Mass Effect from appearing on the PS3 is either EA or any kind of agreement with Microsoft that Bioware may have made. Technically, there's nothing to prevent it from happening (It's an unreal game, which makes it rather easy to port).

ABizzel13209d ago

Left 4 Dead, Splinter Cell, and Mass Effect (even though I don't like it other PS3 owners may want it) would all be welcomed.

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of my most played games this gen along with Warhawk, and Uncharted 2, and PS3 only owners who don't have a decent gaming PC are missing out on one of the best games due to pure fun this generation.

Splinter Cell would be nice as well, but since it was built for the 360 PS3 owners would more than likely get a port, or have to wait over a year before they get it on PS3. So the 360 version is still the version I'd go with.

Mass Effect 1 & 2. I think there's no question these games are coming to the PS3 on one disc Under a different name like Mass Effect Sigma.

Darkeyes3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

ME2 should be more than 80% even 90 if you ask me. Those codes no matter what Bioware says to cover up shows that PS3 version is or was somewhere in development (apart for the fact that some codes aren't a part of UE3). The question to be answered is whether it was cancelled which is a whole new topic for another day, but it's pretty much confirmed it's landing in 6 months time. Expect an announcement at E3.

I agree the rest don't interest me (L4D a little, but always played it on PC for the mods). Splinter Cell has a 50-50 chance... Again will all depend on how the game turns out in terms of sales. Sony and Ubisoft tend to go together (like AC2 marketing) so I feel there is a good chance of it going on the PS3 as well.

BattleAxe3209d ago

L4D would be cool, but apparently Insomniac is making a survival horror game with zombies, and I'm betting it will be 8 player co-op.

reaferfore203209d ago

All I want is Dead Rising. Sure the second one is coming out soon but I want both. That is all.

DatNJDom813209d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction. All the splinter cell games are great. You cant deny that. Cant wait for conviction. The campaign is going to be epic.

SilentNegotiator3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

If Dead Rising 1 ports over, I'm throwing my 360 away.

"If they want to release MASS EFFECT 1 on ps3 they will have to build it from scratch because its owned by Microsoft"

MASS EFFECT © 2003-2008 EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd. Mass Effect, the Mass Effect logo, BioWare, the BioWare logo and the BioWare hands logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd.

Immortal3213209d ago

they literally said this to their competition....

"I see you in the next 10 years."

with arrogance.

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Socomer 19793209d ago

for all the hype, theres only 2 games i know will be on the ps3 in the near future. Mass Effect and splinter cell.
Let bioware and ubisoft make those homespaces first. Then get on the psp and bring out some back story games and then release both series on 1 bluray disc. Thats how I would sell it.

CryWolf3209d ago

I think everybody new Mass Effect was coming to PS3 but if Splinter Cell comes to Sony's PS3 also that would be a major blow to Microshit in the long run.

CryWolf3209d ago

If Mass Effect does come to PS3 its a buy cause that trilogy would put the game in the same league as the Star Wars franchise.

Bigboss193209d ago

Splinter Cell only a 5% chance? lol whatever every Splinter Cell to date has landed on Sony hardware this game will be no different

gamingfuture3209d ago

Sorry Bigboss19, that should have been 25%. It's corrected.

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