Mass Effect 3 Core Experience to use conventional controller

Casey Hudson has revealed that the core experience of Mass Effect 3 will use the conventional Xbox 360 controller, rather than Porject Natal.

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Logiistics3227d ago

Well thats what i wanted to here :D

mjolliffe3227d ago

I would think they'll use Natal for something. But I prefer that the vast majority of it to be used with the normal controller :)

ArmrdChaos3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Hardcore development studios (at least the good ones) are smart enough to know that they shouldn't venture anywhere beyond using Natal as a Hybrid solution. The controller will always be the core and Natal will be used to enhance the gameplay...the best of both worlds.

I good use of Natal for ME3 would be heads-up or navigation displays. Such as when you are navigating through the star maps...could be pretty sick and non-invasive to the actual game play.

lowcarb3226d ago

If Milo is anything to go off of I could really see a game like ME taking advantage of the way we interact with the characters in game.

Tony P3226d ago

Nothing to complain about here. ME was never built with Natal in mind. Period. They shouldn't be trying to force it and I'm glad they aren't.

If they want to try a Natal RPG, save it for the next project. ME is apparently superb without it if you've read any reviews for the latest entry.

I know 360 owners (like myself) are hungry for news of hardcore Natal games, but this is not and should not be the one.

Bigpappy3226d ago

Hardcore games that use the controller will continue to use them but enhance the gameplay with natal. If Natal sells enough, most hardcore game will add some feature that use the tech as an option. Things like signals to the team, picking up items, throwing of grenades and right hooks, could all be done better with motion.

IdleLeeSiuLung3226d ago

Looking forward to see how they can augment Natal into ME3 as an addition, not a requisite!

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THE MAX SPEED 213227d ago

WTF said they would even use natal? Erghh I really hate how people think because MS/Sony are making their own Motion thingy means that They want to replace the normal controller with them. let's be real now Video Games started with Controllers and it will stay like that forever.

mjolliffe3227d ago

Of course controllers will stay around forever, people are just interested in seeing what the future holds for their favourite games :)

movements3227d ago

That's What I wanted to hear myself... Good news..

respawnaction3226d ago

sweet dude, although I'm not too big on motion controllers.

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