MS Replies to New GPU Heatsink Story has a reply from Microsoft about the new heatsink found inside the Xbox 360 GPU:

"Microsoft was deliberately vague in its response to GameDaily BIZ. The company did not deny the inclusion of new heat sinks, but it wasn't exactly confirmed either."

A Microsoft spokesperson provided them with the following statement:

"Regularly updating console components is commonplace within the industry and is a standard aspect of the business for a variety of reasons including cost reduction, improved manufacturability and improved performance. We do not provide details on these updates."

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BitbyDeath3662d ago

Well if they want to sell more consoles they should be providing details.

WTF heaps of people are holding off from getting a X360 until this problem is fixed.

warfed3662d ago

they don't comment because they haven't fixed it yet i guess....

Eclipticus3662d ago

but its not really commonpractice to adverstise when a component has been upgraded. Unless its a new cosmetic upgrade, or one that costs them money then they will advertise. but one component that doesnt cost money, they would advertise.

drtysouf213662d ago

when they put in the new chip and solve this problem.

ITR3662d ago

I'll buy a Elite if it comes with heatsinks..
I was waiting on the 65nm processors.

weekapaugh3662d ago

I'll buy one when they...........wait, I'll never buy one. I'm not that stupid.

BIadestarX3662d ago

Are you sure you are not? It took you a while to figure out you was not going to buy one. or Maybe your are just slow.... yes.. it happends to some people.

gta_cb3662d ago

you have one bubble, you have no one tracking you, and you have 10 people ignoring you.... yeh your obviously an idiot.

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The story is too old to be commented.