Mass Effect 3 open to "wildly different conclusions"

TVGB: "Being burdened with constraints related to the choices the player makes and how they play out in the next game is a problem BioWare won't have to deal with as they move on to developing Mass Effect 3, leaving the doors wide open for "wildly different conclusions," Mass Effect 2's Project Director Casey Hudson says."

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toaster3203d ago

Why so soon? 2 isn't even released yet.

Saaking3203d ago

I know, this really pisses me off. Developers talking about DLC and future titles even before the current one is released. I mean, that's just wrong. With DLC, they're basically telling us the game we'll be buying is NOT complete. At least wait for the game to release.

sukru3203d ago

It's already known to be a trilogy. Do you want them not to think about the consequences in the final chapter while designing the one? That would be much worse.

(Oops, we destroyed Earth in the process, how are we going to get it back?) :)

Arnon3203d ago

Mass Effect 2 releases in January, so talking about the third iteration makes sense, considering they're almost done with 2. I still expect the same amount of development time between 2 & 3.

Tony P3203d ago

I'm not sure what DLC has to do with ME3 as it's not mentioned anywhere in the article.

Now, I am about to be legitimately pissed because I may be misunderstanding something...

Are they saying ME2's choices won't carry over to ME3? That all that stuff you decided from ME1 down is lost in the shuffle of some Warp in the West?

Saaking3203d ago

I know it's a trilogy, but why do they have to talk abou DLC before the game releases. I'm not just talking about Bioware, a lot of other devs are doing it as well.

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bcooper563203d ago

the game is done 100% there just showing it off now and getting copies printed for January. Most games are done when there one month from due date.

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