The Naughtiest Games of 2009 (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: It is that time of year again where the nice games get the entire spotlight and the naughty games are forgotten. That is why we bring you the naughtiest games of the year each and every holiday, and even though it may not be the kind of naughty you are thinking of, it still doesn't change the fact that every game on this list needs to be avoided at all costs. Without further ado we bring you 2009's most heinous list of gaming.

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Relientk772355d ago

This list is full of games that fail

Cat2355d ago

LOL, that's the point - from the summary: ZeroTolerance writes: "...Without further ado we bring you 2009's most heinous list of gaming." ;)

Myst2355d ago

Yep Damnation should have been at the top though (if it followed a ranking), shut my PS3 off every time I wanted to progress to the second to the last level.

I will admit that is the first time this gen I ever got burned that badly, and I had REALLY high hopes for that game...

INehalemEXI2355d ago

yup, onechanbara was terribly fun.

TheDeadMetalhead2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Shellshock 2...It doesn't seem that bad at first (the first level isn't too bad), but the game goes from mediocre to absolute crap in the second half of the game. I actually played through it three times to get 1000G. Feels bad man.

Also, Shellshock 2 and Rogue Warrior were developed by the same people. Seriously.

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JeffGUNZ2355d ago

I downloaded the demo to Darkest Days and it was terrible. Everything about that game felt awkward and sloppy.

Jamescagney2355d ago

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails was surely one of the worst games released not only this year but this decade. A total masterclass in how you shouldn't make an fps or any game for that matter.

Once you touch it you can never go back, it has stained your soul.

Transporter472355d ago

it may not be that great of a game but i liked it lol

NiteX2355d ago

Who's the samurai chick with the red panties? Onechanbara cosplay?

kesvalk2354d ago

yea, the tattoo on the hip is the same as saya (i think it's her name)

i liked it, at least it have a fun split screen 2p game
fun when you don't want to play anything serious XD