Section 8 "Seek and Destroy" Map Pack Released

That Gaming Site writes: "SouthPeak has released the "Seek and Destroy Map Pack" DLC for their futuristic shooter Section 8 today."

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Elven63162d ago

Still not completely sold on Section 8, it's definitely not the $60 game (from the demo), perhaps maybe a $30-40 game? I do find the dedicated servers thing cool (PC owners can setup dedicated servers that 360 owners can use).

raiden_933162d ago

I wasn't too interested in this before. Tried the demo and knew after about two minutes that this game wasn't for me. Nice to see they're supporting it with DLC for those that do like it though.

pangitkqb3162d ago

Played through and had a blast.

Elven63162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

A full price game?

Frontlines: Fuel of War for instance had a mediocre single player but the multiplayer was the main draw and more than worthy of the $60 price point it launched at.