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Folding@Home breaks the 1000 TFLOP Mark

As can been seen in the link below, the Folding@Home project has finally broken the 1000 TFLOP mark, with a huge help from the PS3's and their owners. At the time of writing, the PS3 was responsible for just over 7/10ths (700 TFLOPS) of the processing power supplied. (PC, PS3, Tech)
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BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2765d ago
PS3 great console
The power of the might Ps3 showing its ugly head.
Raiyel  +   2765d ago
I'm probably risking some bubbles here but let's think of the greater good...

Now that the PS3 has contributed a handful of work units and established it as a serious player in the folding@home project, what's next?

I propose this... Let's take the PS3 and see if we can make it the #1 folding team in the world! We all know KOTAKU, well I'm on their team and so far we are doing very well, out of 68,000+ teams we are number 175 in the world... If we all join up for the greater good (whether you like kotaku or not) we can potentially bring this up by the end of june to be the number 1 team!!

Imagine that, the PS3 would become the fastest growing and most influential networked supercomputer folding more than any other machine in less than a year!

Why not? It's for a good cause, and let's make another headline in the folding world!

Name: Kotaku
Team ID: 57858

All in favor say Aye!!
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gta_cb  +   2764d ago
nice comment Raiyel, but there is already a PS3 team on number one. i dont think your going to get loads of people switching teams. also so you dont want PCs joining your team?.... ohwell spose it counts me out then as i dont own a PS3.
sonarus  +   2765d ago
gud job guys. i knew you could do it.
Maddens Raiders  +   2765d ago
Yeah -
awesome news, especially for the PS3's PSU quality and power, but isn't this kind of old already?
PS360WII  +   2765d ago
ummm ahhh
Bonsai1214  +   2765d ago
if you consider
that ps3's are making up a minority of the folders, its quite an accomplishment and a testament to its power that its providing 7/10 of the processing power of the whole experiment..

granted, it does dedicate the cell to doing the work as opposed to using spare cycles, but there are so many more PCs folding than ps3s that it still make its wondrous.

wasn't distributed computing a goal for sony in the first place? like have cells not in use help with processing for other tasks? this is laying the groundwork for the future.

how we just need some games that'll use the amount of power available per each cell
Raiyel  +   2765d ago
double post..
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Maddens Raiders  +   2765d ago
Raiyel -
I'm on the Motorstorm Team and we rank 904th in the world (out of 68,000+) overall on team 60148 with over 2020 WU's completed. Questions: Are there any goodies to be had on your team after each completed wu? And is there a way to join multiple teams at once with the same PSN id?
I would like to know.


@ Virtual Gamer -- thanks for the info man!
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VirtualGamer  +   2765d ago
Ok just kidding.

Nice to see people recruiting for members on other sites. N4G also has a Folding Team 61588. We currently have 40 members and are ranked around 1600. I know we are not ranked as high but if you hang out on this site a lot and want to help our team, your efforts would be greatly appreciated.

Madden no you can only contribute to one team at a time. You can switch teams and any WU you had done for the previous team would stay with them and all future WU completed would be added to your new team. I guess you could switch back and forth if you wanted to split up your efforts on 2 teams.
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Eldon3  +   2764d ago
I agree
This team needs more active members. We have 40 members but only a few contribute regularly. Good job VG for reaching 100WU's! (bet you cant catch up to me, 115 and counting)

We are so close to 1000WU's (only 38 to go!) and we rank 1585 of 68135. I know with the amount of traffic on this site we could easily catch up with some of these other teams. I dont see how the Motorstorm team is beating us, its not even that good of a game lol.

Come on people, show your favorite gaming site some support. (team 61588 in case you forgot)
ChickeyCantor  +   2765d ago
One thing i dont get is, why research labs dont ask for " lite" version of the PS3, no B-ray player or controller ports[or other things you dont need for F@h] but just the Cell/ram/F@H software and a cable for connecting it to the Pc for other software emulation.
give it a cheap price and not only gamers but research labs can fold way more in a shorter time.
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gta_cb  +   2764d ago
good idea, but it simply wont happen. not going to say why as its pretty obvious
P4KY B  +   2765d ago
This is great news
I wonder if some of that processing power could be syphoned off and used for the understanding of A.I.
Once true A.I. is accomplished then developers can get computers to write games for them in weeks rather than years. So us gamers can get kick ass titles more often.

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