Top 10 most outstanding devs this generation

They are the life blood of the gaming industry. Without them, gamers would not get to experience the memorable titles we've seen this generation. I'm talking about the games that the media can't stop talking about. The ones gamers keep playing for years. They get you excited, you want to take a vacation from work and play till you've completed the missions. You cry, laugh, you get scared, and sometimes your rage makes you want to throw the controller into the television.

None of the aforementioned experiences would be possible without developers. And today, GamesThirst honors the best of the best. Most of them do a good job with the games they develop, but some are downright outstanding. Join us as we count down to the number one game development studio of this the seventh generation of gaming consoles.

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Darkeyes3296d ago

If you are basing the rankings on sales, then obviously IW comes 1st, but in terms of sheer talent, no dev this gen comes close to the ND team (only Kojima can give them a run for their money). And before tagging me a fanboy, just think about the sheer improvements in UC2 as compared to 1 (and 1 was still a landmark).. They create arguably the best single player experience and create a deep multi-player mode plus graphics that make any IW game look like last gen.

If it's only based on money grossed, then obviously MW2 is going to break all records, but in terms of creating the ultimate single player experience, ND wins... Don't get me wrong, IW still deserves a place in the top 3 due to them revolutionizing multi-player, but I still feel Singl Player is the soul of the game... ND just broke the bar IMO.

Saaking3296d ago

Pretty good list; however, I'd take off IW and put ND at number 1. Drop IW a few places down. Even though they've been aholes lately, you can't deny the impact COD4 has on online gaming.

QSPR3295d ago

8 out of 10 work/are from sony!! woooottt

umair_s513295d ago

Where's Kojima Productions?

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mikeslemonade3295d ago

The correct ranking is:
1. Naughty Dog- best current gen game in Uncharted 2
2. Infinity Ward- use to be the best gen game in COD4
3. Bioware- best xbox 360 game and best RPG in Mass Effect
4. 2k Games Boston- Bioshock visually impressive in 2007 and best offline shooter
5. Media Molecule- Most innovative game in Little Big Planet
6. Epic Games- 1st visually impressive current gen title (not including Fight Night Round 3 graphics) in Gears of War and cover system
7. Insomniac Games- Consistent next gen developer who can put out next gen full price games faster than anyone.
8. Kojima Productions- MGS4
9. Valve- Portal L4D Team Fotress Half life 2
10. Bethesda- Oblivion

Noctis Aftermath3295d ago

IW at the top OVER naughty dog? are you retarded?

11 360s and counting3295d ago

Am I the only one tired of these stupid top ten lists? It's pathetic they have nothing to write about. Top ten fight scenes, top ten endings, who THE F#CK CARES! Its an opinion anyway, A$$H*LES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shepherd 2143295d ago

This list pretty much listing the devs based on their favorite games, and not what the devs have actually accomplished.

If it were actually listed based on the support and accomplishments of the devs, companies like Konami, Bungie, Bethesda, Media Molecule, and a few more would be very high on the list, while devs that simply delivered good graphics like Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog would either be off the list or very low.

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komp3296d ago

The only devs that deserve respect are the quiet ones who sit back and push themselves and their wares.

Those that sit back and become immune to reality continue to pump out gimp ware because they are too stupid to learn new things.

The only looser is us the gamers, if the game is sub par and still sells they think it is ok to continue that way.

We wouldnt be here if all those pre historic animals did not push limits and migrate to newer better things. We would all be sea shrimps.

The review scene does not help the situation at all with the stupid review scores given out for mediocre games and nit picking over the advanced games.

A good dev deserves success and success is a journey not a destination.

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reintype3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )


Great List, But as a great fan of Media Molecule's LBP and Guerrilla Games KZ2, I think Kojima Productions and Valve deserves those spots more. Valve maybe assholes, but they're great developers too.

Note 1: Media Molecule has nothing to do with the up and coming MOD NATION RACERS, they are made by UNITED FRONT with help from SCEA, they just happen to have the same PLAY, CREATE, SHARE philosophy.

Note 2: 2k is more known as a publisher, and they did not make BIOSHOCK. That game was created by then IRRATIONAL GAMES, which is now known as 2k BOSTON, while the follow-up, BIOSHOCK 2 is being made mostly by 2k MARIN. BORDERLANDS was made by GEARBOX, 2K just published it.