IGN: Asphalt 5 Review

IGN writes: "Gameloft's Asphalt 5 is a pure arcade racer. It combines the smash 'em elements of Burnout and the hardcore racing thrills of Ridge Racer into a sometimes silly but always manic speeder. If you go into this expecting a precision driving sim along the lines of Real Racing, you will be severely disappointed. But if you download Asphalt 5 with the expectation of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride with Ferraris, you will be suitably satisfied."

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-Alpha3328d ago

I will never take these iPhone reviews seriously.

The games may be good, but I just can't accept them alongside games on the PS3, DS, 360, or even the Wii shovelware.

MGRogue20173328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

For an iPhone game.. it sure does look 'purty :)

Hisiru3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

For a portable arcade racing game I prefer Burnout on my PSP or Mario Kart DS on my DS. Sorry but graphics aren't everything in a game, there are a lot of elements that makes burnout on the PSP very very fun. For me, Iphone is a smartphone (not a portable gaming system), and every smartphone or cellphone has games. N95 has better games than Iphone in my opinion.

Mr Logic3328d ago

Well IGN says it's coming to the PSP. Probably as a PSP mini.

STONEY43328d ago

Those graphics are actually pretty damn good for an Iphone game.

MK_Red3328d ago

WTF!? Those graphics look too much for a PSP game let alone an iPhone one.

3327d ago