Q-Games sets target date for PixelJunk Shooter

Q-Games plans to release PixelJunk Shooter just before Christmas.

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swiftshot933308d ago

Off topic:

I want Castle Crashers on PSN before Christmas. That game is amazing.

OT: This game looks completely awesome, Im looking forward to this, Dead Nations, and Castle Crashers :D

WildArmed3308d ago

Honestly I was disappointed with Pixel Jnkie 1-2 (eden)
I hope 1-3 is hella lot better.
I will definitely give the game a try.

Love PJ 1-1 (monsters). My fav. so far.

thedisagreefairy3308d ago

Castle Crashers and Gravity Crash before Christmas...

this looks good but i hated Eden with a passion (could not get into that game)

so im a little skeptical...ill check out the reviews first

fan_of_gaming3308d ago

isn't pixeljunk racers 1-1, and monsters is 1-2, eden is 1-3 and shooter is 1-4?

Sigh3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

but Shooter is getting great previews of its local multiplayer, so for me I'd get that first over Castle Crashers and Braid. Plus I tend to like new ips, especially from Q-Games, that's what the Playstation brand is known for.

swiftshot933308d ago

Either way all the upcoming games for PSN are gonna be awesome, so its a win-win really.

Sigh3308d ago

PSN is totally coming out with great games.

WildArmed3308d ago

ah, I stand corrected. I knew i missed something, so i made sure to include the names :)

chaosatom3308d ago

Bar none.

I am interested to see shooter. The co-op is where the game shines.

multipayer3308d ago

I'm not looking forward to old games at all... THAT AREN'T REMADE IN HD. Getting me some Toki and Bonk.

callahan093308d ago

I'm really looking forward to PJ Shooter, Gravity Crash, and I'll probably get Castle Crashers on the PS3. I may even get Braid on the PS3 just so i can earn the trophies, because that game is really fun. I already have it for 360, but I'd buy it again to support the developer and to earn the trophies on the PS3. It's a wonderful game.

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Lou Ferrigno3308d ago

Woohoo cant wait for this game and gravity crash and especially Dead Nation...

not only does ps3 have more AAA quality DISC based Exclusives then the competition,but also PSN titles.
since the begining too,2006-now has ben nothing but AAA quality titles exclusively on the PSN.

and btw i personally LOVED Pixel Junk 1-3 (eden) .. very innovative and fun multiplayer as well.
PSN is a great place for small time games with HUGE potential,Innovation and uniqueness.
yet to me some feel like they are much Bigger then retail disc based games (wipeout HD,Siren).

plus BTW PSN just happens to have one of the scariest games of all time (scariest this generation) Siren:Blood curse.

PSN is DEFINENTLY worth the Price tag of FREE! .

WildArmed3308d ago

lol I started reading your post.. and by the end I felt like i was being brainwashed o_O
Dont use ur black magic here >.<

multipayer3308d ago

I just bought Miner Dig Deep for a buck, what can you do with $1 on psn?

Esena3308d ago

Well...if you add the $50 live fee then subtract your $1...PSN users would have $49 left over.

Do you really want me to tell you what you can get on the PSN for $49?

multipayer3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

you can't get any game on psn for $1, and I don't even have a gold subscription. I was just making bait for fanboy douches, success!

Esena3308d ago

Don't you think the fact that you desired so badly to make fanboy bait, makes you a fanboy!?!

I am the furthest thing from a fanboy. When I spot stupidity, I like to provide sommmmmmme insight.

multipayer3307d ago

It was clearly failsight, and anything Xbox related is bait on N4G. There is so many PS3 "fanboys" here, they parade it around like TC and get a load of agrees. Live gold simply doesn't have anything to do with what I said, it is just a subscription. Like Qore on PS3, I actually have Qore now. I bet you even want to argue the point that Live Gold is a bigger jip, and Qore is more optional. I however never brought up the subject, you were just in the typical mood of the N4G audience.

The only way real opinions can survive here, is by underminding the fanboys. Just by looking at the headlines today, I don't think it is worth the trouble though. This site may just end up a nice containment for ****.

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KwietStorm3308d ago

Wish it was sooner like initially planned. Eden was crap, but Monsters and Racers were good.

callahan093308d ago

Eden is AWESOME. I've liked every PJ game more than the last, personally.