4 things I miss about 90s gaming

It’s pretty common for the “older” generations to be dissatisfied with how times have changed and to be nostalgic for “back in the day”. I try not to think of myself as old, or dissatisfied, for that matter, with what today’s gaming industry has to offer… but I can’t help but feel like somewhere along the way, we damaged what used to be such a pure form of entertainment.

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SaveFerris1492d ago

The 90's were a great time for gaming.

DonDon1491d ago

Jrpg games. Hell; the Japanese still make better games...just so few are ever made anymore. But when they come here, they are great.

Magicite1491d ago

I still consider first Playstation best console of all times.

ErikCrusader1492d ago

I agree SaveFerris! I still feel very privileged that I was growing up in that time and I got to experience it all first hand. It was a magical time.

kalkano1492d ago

^ I agree. But, as a side-effect, the way things have changed have made modern gaming feel utterly pointless...

SoapShoes1491d ago

16 bit era was my favorite! 32 bit era was great too.

PaulFiend1491d ago

Yeah, back in the 90s every video game was like a little wonder to me, those were good times to be a kid. I still have my Famicom, SNES and Genesis and play them time to time using flash cartridges, cuz I don't have any games left. xD

Ripsta7th1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Exactly , every game had these little secrets that you had to discover by beating the game or some other stuff, now they became DLC

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The story is too old to be commented.