JoblessPunk's Ultimate PSP mod - 32GB flash memory, dual nubs, internal camera etc.

Ryan F. over at writes: "Now we've certainly seen our share of PSP mods over the years, from the sound reactive mods to the over the top custom PSP's, but check out this uber-cool mod courtesy of JoblessPunk. The JP Edition PSP mod features two analog nubs, 32GB flash memory, second USB port for charging and internal camera all all rolled into one neat package."

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LukaX232971d ago

That woman is such a tool. "What is a rumble feature?"/dumb look (again) Just about one of the oldest features gaming has to offer?

Tapewurm2971d ago

Yeah she is a tool but hot so sure she will be forgiven for it LOL, but that guy really did a nice job modding the system. Sony should hire that guy to mass produce the dual nubbed model.....really makes no sense why the PSP-Go didn't have that feature.

Natsu892971d ago

You guys think she is hot? Are you kidding?

hard joe2971d ago

could you mod mine please

TheMART2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Wat a tard girl... "Dual nubs OMG!?"

And yes, that is a jobless punk.

likedamaster2971d ago

I think he did great presenting his product, she on the other hand just LOOKS great.

HypnoticMonkey2971d ago

I can't watch it for more than 20 seconds without wanting to throw up, we have a 30 year old emo guy and a girl who doesn't have the first clue about interviewing someone...great.

xjoshbx2971d ago

emo? lol, what about him is emo?

HypnoticMonkey2971d ago

Typical lip piercing and look at the top he's wearing..the only thing missing is the hair.

cryymoar2971d ago

that guy probably gets more poon than you.
and he obviously knows more about hardware than you, look how awesome of a mod he made!

HypnoticMonkey2971d ago


Just how did you come to that conclusion from my comment? Oh're talking rubbish. Quit assuming things about people you don't even know.

xjoshbx2969d ago

He's just artistic. If he was emo he would look like someone has punched him in each eye and would mumble death in each sentence.

His shirt is seriously nothing uncommon. He's obviously an artistic guy and that shirt doesn't scream abnormal or emo to me.

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likedamaster2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Wow, a young whippersnapper showing the great innovator Sony how a handheld is done.
Sony = pathetic

On a side note. The girl is pretty hot but can't look that guy in the eye for shiznit. Has she ever even interviewed before?

HypnoticMonkey2971d ago

Er no, he has only made one PSP where Sony have to make millions. Any idea how much that costs? Hmm?