Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 'Eagle Offensive' Video

It's that time again, folk, where Codemasters show off how awesome they are.

A new video, released..literally a minute ago, is taken from the game; mission 4, called Eagle Offensive. It tasks the USMC with instructions to take, secure and hold a captured PLA airfield on the lush island of Skira. Hey, enough of the talking; watch the video and see the awesome for yourself.

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finbars753254d ago

This game looks awsome and its going to be nice to play a war game thats more realistic and strategic none of this run and gun.4 player co-op online and multiplayer makes this game complete and it looks like the series will continue being solid form the old one.Thank you codemasters.

jjohan353253d ago

Every kill except 2 was done with sniping. Game looks like a snipefest.