TheSixthAxis: Watchdog Group Member Interview

Here at TheSixthAxis they have been following the PS3 / Watchdog story closely. They wrote about it on the night of the broadcast and then they published an open letter (which was quoted by the Telegraph) to the BBC Complaints Dept the next day. Over the course of the weekend other sources have been picking up on the story and basically covering the stuff they already did on Thursday and Friday. They've been busy too though, securing an interview with one of the guys who was on the show getting his broken PlayStation 3 fixed. As is his right, their source would like to remain anonymous.

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ZBlacktt3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Good lord, the plot thickens. This show is going to go down with zero credibility now, lol... Just wow. They have the work ethic of MS themselves, lol.

kagon013254d ago

There you have it, media defenders...

ZBlacktt3254d ago

lol, pssst, say that you've had 3 PS3 consoles and all have broken and Sony wanted to charge you for all 3..... Oh wait! Say that you were given the console by your late grandmother who has since passed away and the console means so much to you. But it broke within a month of using it. Yeah, yeah that sound better. ok go.....