Need for Speed Shift: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparison screens have shot similiar screens of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Need for Speed Shift showing some significant differences.

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KionicWarlord2222893d ago

Not really a difference.

Just the gauges look different for the xbox 360 .

G3TDOWN2893d ago

Show me an Xbox 360 game that beats Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 graphics, then we can talk about which console has more power ;)

None of PS3 business that noob developers make games for it

Greywulf2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Its like you hear the door from the bombshelter slowly creak open... they flock out gleefully with their Microscopes in hand to prove that again the well known truth that the only time a 360 game looks better than a ps3 one, is when the developers mess up the ps3 version.

You want to compare racers as being technical indicators.. i mean.. do we really want to go down that route?

I mean.. really?

Let me know if you realllly want to do that. I think Sony has most beat with a handheld, let alone a console title.

2009: Technical showpieces for the Xbox360:


(not at you kionic)


G3, ah beat me to the punch :)

G3TDOWN2893d ago

EA has been around FOR A LONGGGG TIMEEE looool look at their games !! Only 2 out of 10 games are good

now lets look at Naughty DOG ! I never heard of Naughty dog until Uncharted 1. Now look at uncharted 2, THE BEST looking game on console


54percent2893d ago

"KionicWarlord222 - 1 hour ago
1 -
Not really a difference.

Just the gauges look different for the xbox 360 . "


Boody-Bandit2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Why is it photos provided by sites like this look so differently then they do on my displays?

People don't fall for flame bait comparisons articles like this.
Be your own judge / critic.

poindat2893d ago


Am I reading that out of context or something, or does it just not make any sense (in relation to the article)?

Bereaver2893d ago

I actually like the ps3 version better but just because of the lighting.

To me, this game feels like an "Arcade" style game. Bright colors, flashy cars, great surroundings. It just seems like bright colors makes it more appealing.

Anyway, it's almost even. I just like the brighter lighting better.

Again, just my opinion.

DERKADER2893d ago

Don't let this be another Ghostbusters situation. I'm getting this game on PS3 because I have Logitech wheel. I need to invest in a good gaming PC then I won't have this problem.

a_squirrel2893d ago

They both look pretty :)

there, fanboys happy, developers happy, my job here is finished

JokesOnYou2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Sorry bro, there is a noticeable difference here and its not just the gauges on the 360 version...ps3 version looks blurry, most the comparisons we've seen lately have been *almost identical...this one has some issues, for now lets just blame it on the site, until we see the game running...sigh, EA. [shakes head] lol


LONEWOLF2312893d ago

Exactly no real difference whatsoever!
Ohh and G3TDOWN fanboy much?? Mass Effect 2 looks just as good as Uncharted 2 so i wouldnt call Uncharted 2 the best looking on any console!

bushfan2893d ago

X360 look sharp..Ps3 a little Blurry...BUT the Game look really ugly in both consoles

Forza 3 and GT5 will be better options to pick up that NFS:shift

ape0072893d ago

the 360 version looks a bit more sharper\crisper

I'll get it on 360

lociefer2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

ps3 is darker, and u can feel the speed of the game just by looking at the ps3 screenshots+ the trees at the ps3 look better, even in blur

randomwiz2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

gimped images. In 99% of the ps3 images of the exterior, the vehicle is going faster creating the sense of speed blur effect in Shift

otherwise, both are extremely similar

SupaPlaya2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

He's one of the 360 fans here that isn't afraid to show his preference without fanboyism.

SaberEdge2893d ago

Screenshots are not a very effective way of comparing games. Performance is far more important, and unfortunately you can't see that in a screenshot. In fact, differences have to be pretty substantial before you will notice them in a screenshot.

beavis4play2893d ago

i think both look good. i may get this sometime, but not now.......i've got too many games in the next month and not enought time!

slayorofgods2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

The speeds in the comparisons fluctuate way to much to give an accurate comparison.

Speed = blurriness (Keep an eye on the speedometer while browsing)

Microsoft Xbox 3602893d ago

The 360 looks really blurry compared to the PS3.

gintoki7772892d ago

how could you not have heard of naughty dog until uncharted. Crash bandicoot and jak & daxter games ring a bell?
crash bandicoot series were some of the most popular games on ps1

randomwiz2892d ago

I think you mean @ G3TDOWN, not greywulf

"I never heard of Naughty dog until Uncharted 1"

are you serious? how old are you? My personal favorite game made by ND has to be Jak and Daxter, the original, which sold millions of copies.

princejb1342892d ago

let me put my fanboy goggles on, "the xb360 version looks much better than the ps3 version, just because the wheels on the cars shows extra textures and lines around the rim, making the car more realistic" takes of fanboy goggles, they both the same, play which ever version you feel more comfortable with and enjoy=]

Marceles2892d ago long as it looks better than NFS: Undercover, it's alright with me

thewhoopimen2892d ago

I see a huge difference between the two. Something called reflections off the roof and hood of the car. Look at the first two pics, and look at the third two pics.

In the first two pics... why does ps3 have branches reflecting off the roof but not the 360? 3rd set of shots shows a sun reflecting off the roof.

BIG difference... not just blurry, not blurry, dark or not dark.

shadow27972892d ago

Why doesn't the PS3's BMW have side-mirrors? O_o Check both the interior and exterior view, those things are MIA.

Environments look good, but car models look GT PSP level.

vhero2892d ago

Why dont you wait for shot by a respectable site if you really want to compare? Though if you really need comparison shots of multiplatform games you are obviously a fanboy.

ginganinja2892d ago

The bonnet's crumpled as well.
Comparing a brand new car to one that's been subtly damaged and one that is cruising to one racing in the first few shots.
Methinks the chap doing the comparison has an agenda...

Syronicus2892d ago

Websites that post comparison pics are douche bags. Seriously, this comparison stuff is so over rated. When I DL the demo of some of the games compared, I see no difference on my TV and it makes me wonder what it is that makes some of the screen grabs these guys post up different. There must be something because in reality (i.e. my own home) there is little to no difference.

peeps2892d ago

"now lets look at Naughty DOG ! I never heard of Naughty dog until Uncharted 1. Now look at uncharted 2, THE BEST looking game on console"

:o really?? first console this generation or something lol for a start ND were the guys behind crash bandicoot

LizardLicker2892d ago

"I never heard of Naughty dog until Uncharted 1."


iistuii2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

PS3 version of a multiformat has much more jaggies and a worst framerate.When oh when are they going to even get the games on par. I'm not talking about the exclusives as we all know most of those are fine, it's the majority of games, remember the exclusives are a very small amount compared to the total amount of games released on a system each year, and the ps3 versions are lacking STILL.. It's not me saying this its the 4 reviews ive seen so far all state it.