Level-Up Fridays: Level 01

Koku Gamer writes: "Hey there fellow gamers and welcome to the first of my weekly column Level-Up where I will talk about anything and everything RPG related. I'll be talking about big RPG related news, what RPG's I'm currently playing and some classic RPG's you may like to know about or maybe passed by without giving them a chance.

What better way to kick off the first Level-Up then talking about some big news. Final Fantasy XIII finally has a release day for Japan and that date is December 17th 2009. This enforces Square-Enix's promise that Final Fantasy XIII would arrive in Winter 09 exclusive to PS3 in Japan. With the game finally seeing a release in Japan and seeing as we have already gotten word that the English voice over for the game is already complete it won't be that much longer until we see a US release for the game. Many have been speculating a June 2010 release but until Square-Enix gives us solid confirmation treat that date as rumor."

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Elven62955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Seems to be two days late! ;)

TheDarkCynic2955d ago

Can't wait to import Final Fantasy XIII in December. I don't care if it's in Japanese, I want it!

Ziriux2955d ago

To me it' sounds a lot more awesome when it's actually in Japanese I cannot wait.

Saaking2955d ago

The original language is always better imo. Also applies to anime.

Fullish2955d ago

hehe a few days late, but still enjoyable.

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