$5 million Square Enix class action suit detailed

On June 22, a class action lawsuit was filed against Square Enix accusing the publisher of unfair business practices, false advertisements, and undisclosed fees related to its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI. The lead plaintiff, Esther Leong of San Francisco, filed the complaint on behalf of over 100,000 fellow MMORPG subscribers and demanded a payment in "excess of $5 million" from the game publisher. Now, in an amended complaint filed Monday, the plaintiff revealed the specifics behind the generalized accusations outlined in the June 22 document.

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gamesR4fun3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

wut a rip

Square Enix did not reveal to its subscribers that if they did not pay every month, then their characters and game key would be permanently unusable after 90 days without payment. Moreover, in order to save the account before that 90-day mark, players had to pay a reactivation fee and subscription fees for each unpaid month.

13 bucks a month miss a few n all your time n effort are toast. f u sqeenix i hope these guys win large so this kinda bs stops.

Death3266d ago

I went well over a year after cancelling before I reactivated my account. My character was still intact and i was able to pick up where I left off. The person that filed the lawsuit was inactive for 2 years. That is 24 missed payments. Square should not be liable to hold this information for an indefinate time. If the character is worth millions to you, the $12.95 per month sounds like a bargain.


Saaking3266d ago

You wanted to be more "Americanized" SE, you got it. I for one won't give a crap if they loose.


Well, Square was the one saying to want to be more present in the western market.

You can't get any deeper than dealing with sue happy consumers.

Cerberus_Hunter3266d ago

I hope SE wins this...$5 million is another game you wouldn't see.

I never of heard of anyone that like playonline or their payment method but suing because of that is just stupid.

Death3266d ago

If anything Square should win this and file a counter-suit to recoup their legal fee's. The lawsuit is beyond rediculous.


Shibaa3265d ago

We will not buy any SE product until SE fixes their issues with FFXI