Warhawk Hands-On, Media And Developer Interview

Sony is hoping to bring that magic back with a new PlayStation 3 version of Warhawk in the form of an online multiplayer-style game. But is an online-only game ready for consoles? Gameinformer played test pilot and took Warhawk for a flight to find out.

Players will now be able to hop out of the Warhawk and run on foot, drive tanks and jeeps and even man a turret. Taking a page from other online shooters, Warhawk will have various gameplay types, like deathmatch and zone capture with up to 32 players-all supporting voice chat. With 25 maps, a ton of weapons and five different planets to play across.

The PlayStation 3's Sixaxis controller works extremely well. When in a Warhawk, there are two modes. The first is a hover mode that has limited maneuverability but allows for takeoffs and landings while also turning your Warhawk into a deadly mobile air turret that devastates troops below. Hit the triangle button and you move into flight mode, and the motion-sensing takes over. The motion steering is very intuitive and natural.

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Robotz Rule4249d ago

I can't wait to play Warhawk online!

P.S.,anybody hear own a Playstation 3 with an online PS3 ID?

If so add me to your buddies list:
PS3 ID:DrowsyWoozy

Anego Montoya FTMFW4249d ago

25 maps? what?
i like the sound of that.
hopefully one level won`t turn in to the new BACKSTAB.LOL

day one. day one.

MySwordIsHeavenly4249d ago

My PSN name is: JacobIsLegend

I will destroy you!

Bhai4249d ago

THAT's ALL AWESOME ! I think I heard Halo 3 only has 16 player online and a FPS at that, but if we're talking FUN, flying planes, riding tanks, jeeps and on-foot assaults over 25 maps in 3rd person, all online...WarHawk certainly takes the crown here !!!

ErcsYou4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

i think the online only is great. if 1 million copies sell thats 1 million oponents online. this is a multiplayer war. i will be playing this game on day one no doubt about it. you all have great taste.

kingofps34249d ago

Does anybody know about Warhawk 2? I think I have seen logos of it in a video? Anybody know?

ErcsYou4249d ago

warhawk for ps3 is kind of warhawk 2. a quick sequel or extra downloadable would be a plus, i just want some warhawk

techie4249d ago

Yes Warhawk 2 is Warhawk on the PS3

IBLEEDBLU4249d ago

25 maps - air to air combat

ya count me in =^)

Sevir044249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

my hype ha srekindled, that blu ray is being used to the max. Great job sony and Incog. 25 maps and five planets thats a friggen dream come true. i wonder what trophies they'll offer for HOME. this will be awesome. this is quite a robust thing for a disc based game being online only. I cant wait. right now R:FOM has the crown for morst robust and engaging Online experiences for ps3 then it's Motorstorm and fear. and Calling all car is the next to take a Stab at it. when Warhawk Drops this late Summer early fall i'll be gaming online blasting the hell out of all of you. and totally desimate and Pwn everyone who comes againts me. and this is the poster child of the sixaxis so prepare to be amazed like no other. Man i gotta say this year for sony (right around fall will be it's biggest time yet. Home releases, NGS is out, DMC4 is Out, HS will ne dropping on shelvs R&C, MGS4, Lair LBP demo and FFXIII demo on PSN, as well as some killer games. this is gonna be a year of some highely anticipated stuff for Sony this fall, and christmas Time everyone will be either clamoring for ps3s and if the wii isn't able to meet demand. Sony is gonna swoop in and make a nice killing, with MS also doing the same with big games hitting, like Halo and GTA and PGR4. still sony's Line up for this fall and holiday season looks almost unstoppable, with Killer games like MGS4 and HS and R&C, and Killzone Going up against Halo and Mario. sony is sure to convince a few millions to drop down what should be a cheaper 400-500 dollar ps3 this fall. not that it matters to me because i own one already. and off course both GTA4 and DMC4 will sell nicely for the ps3 because most ps centric gamers are more comfortable with the ps controller for DMC and GTA games respectively so this should be awesome. man the portfolio is the best ever yet. Can wait.

Edit. my gamer Tag o PSN is
when you see me online in R:FOM run lol!!! laters gamers

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