Why the iPhone might one day replace the DS and PSP

Gamer Limit writes "Until recently, I thought the idea of the iPhone as a portable gaming platform was a laughable matter at best. Without any type of real control scheme, a weak processor, and a poor selection of games, how would it ever be able to compete with the likes of the DS or the PSP? As far as I was concerned, it would never be popular enough for it to make any type of significant impact on the gaming industry.

Then something completely unexpected happened that changed everything and caused me to question all of the previous reservations I had about the iPhone as a portable gaming device. Read on to find out more about this major break-through I had, and why I'm starting to change my mind."

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syvergy3394d ago

I'm really starting to get into my iphone gaming - there are some fantastic casual titles like Doodle Jump as well as some decent RPGs as well.

Ziriux3394d ago

Dont you there forget Peggle, I mean it's the master of casual games and most addictive I must say.

Raf1k13394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I'm not too keen on using the iphone for games since Apple keeps improving it year on year which pretty much makes the previous one obsolete (if the games make use of the new features that is).

wiggles3393d ago

I agree with you...but like look at 5 years ago...we wouldn't have our entire music catalog and our Cell phone on the same device...I don't like using my iPhone for games either...but I think this article is right..this is where the industry of handhelds will go.

gamingisnotacrime3393d ago

"but I think this article is right..this is where the industry of handhelds will go. "

What do you mean?, yearly release of improve handhelds while previous owners are left out is just absurd. For me the PSP 2 will improve on the PSP shortcomings and beyond. iPhone is great for games apparently, and the PSP is getting a whole new life with the great line up of upcoming games. Apple may compete for a sahre of the gaming industry, is very unlikely thet will take over as the article implies specially with annual upgrades

wiggles3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I wasn't talking about a company...I was talking about handhelds in general...that one day we will have mobile devices that will make calls, store our music, and play games that aren't ports...but are specifically designed for that device such as the current games for PSP/ DSi. That will be an industry standard. I'm not saying Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft wouldn't be in on that...just that is what will probably happen.

Ziriux3394d ago

It def. will the innovation for the iPhone is there, the technology allows for some wild ideas. Right now there are many games that are getting media attention and many video game journalism sites have been doing reviews and covering iPhone games. It is only the beginning.

chrisjc3394d ago

One day, we'll have one portable device for just about everything (Pip Boys aren't that far off!)

GrahameG3394d ago

Sorry but when I play the iPhone I want to punch myself in the face. I just can't get away from a d-pad and buttons set up.

I need something tangible. I love the DS controls, yet I love that familiarity that exists there in the d-pad and buttons.

I think there will always be a place for gaming handhelds in the traditional sense. Being a jack of all trades yet a master of none is not what I desire in a gaming device.

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The story is too old to be commented.