Are the consoles in trouble?

There has been a massive move in gaming away from the home consoles and back to the PC. Tens of millions of people are now playing MMOs.
As a result sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 are probably half of what they should be at this stage in the cycle. And sales of the Wii have collapsed.

Handheld consoles are in similar trouble, but this time from smartphones, the iPhone is the most successful new gaming platform in history. It has decimated sales of DS and PSP games.

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Nelson M3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

And has been on a Slippery Downhill slope for some time
They say "Tens of millions of people are now playing MMOs. "
Well that aint possible on the 360
5 vs 5 on Gears aint Exactly Massive
You want to talk Massive on Consoles
Look no further than MAG
Thy Silly Little Happy with 5vs5 BoTs

Kill Crow3393d ago

did anyone hear anything?

I'm sure someone said something from the back of the bus ... what was it?

xbox360achievements3393d ago

Look no further than MAG? Is that the closest you come to an MMO? Ha ha.

Have you checked the schedule for console MMO releases recently?(past and present)

Champions Online
DC Universe

Such a fanboy.

Charmers3393d ago

Well you can wipe APB off your list, that is currently PC only. It MAY come to the xbox 360 later on. However right now it is PC only and whether it comes to the 360 will depend on how well it does on the PC.

The Meerkat3394d ago

"The 12 year old Runescape player I mentioned the other day, for £3.50 subscription is currently getting 200 hours play a month"

200 / 31days =6.45 hours A DAY!!

Thats a 12 year old who's working on a lifetime of health problems.
His parents are idiots to allow it.

Rainstorm813393d ago

I doubt it, PS3 will make their MMO push next year with Dc Universe, The Agency & Free Realms. Three different MMOs with 3 different gameplay aspects. Not to mention the ton of console exclusives that PC will never see.

Maybe it hurts the 360 because alot of their exclusives release on PC but even still the impact is minimal. As for the Wii being hurt (looks at the wii sales) Looks like the casual crowd doesnt care about MMOs.

As for handhelds the DS and the PSP give you everything a iphone can and much much more. The iphone is a phone trying to be a gaming machine. The DS/PSP are GAMING DEVICES end of story.

FunAndGun3393d ago

I think it has more to do with the failing economy and not the resurgence of the PC platform.

Axcalibur3393d ago

None of this old guys "statements" can be backed by facts. This is not even insightful opinion, this is just useless drivel written by someone who apparently has a hard-on for MMO's (I'm not knockin' MMO's, I'm knockin' this guys bias).

skatezero2463393d ago

agreed, to me a mmo is for people who don't have many friends or they have no life, don't get me wrong ther're fun but theres genres I would much rather play like a tradtional RPG ... to each thier own I guess