Left 4 Dead Update Released

Valve has released an update for their zombie FPS Left 4 Dead, now available on Steam.

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3338d ago
NaiNaiNai3337d ago

Hey look Valve is still supporting L4D. NOW all you people boycotting L4D2 STFU and get over it.

zagibu3337d ago

You don't get it, huh? L4D lacks CONTENT. No matter how many bugs they fix, the game is still not worth the 50$ some people paid for it.

NaiNaiNai3337d ago

It was worth the 60$ I paid for it. both for my pc to play with college friends, and for my 360 to play with all my XBL friends.

your just mad cause your poor. XD

zagibu3337d ago

Look, if L4D delivers for you, great. It's a good game, and I liked playing what's there. But it doesn't compare to a game like Modern Warfare, which was identically priced upon release, but took a lot more effort to develop and contains maybe 10 times more content.

Pandamobile3337d ago

They already released one DLC pack and they said they've got another one in the works. Grow up.

zagibu3333d ago

Yeah, the first DLC pack was awesome, right? No, it was lackluster. Now, the second one they recently announced sounds a bit better. If they continue this course, they might yet satisfy their customers.

Also, I don't really think I can grow up more. Maybe you can show me how?

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