BlizzCon Tournament Coverage Streams Free of Charge

A few months ago Blizzard announced their Pay per View offer which allows the viewer to watch everything BlizzCon for a fee. Today they revealed that the tournaments streams will be available through their website free of charge.

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moondragon3339d ago

Wow this is awsome, cannot wait for blizzcon

SCFreelancer3339d ago

I enjoyed the Blizzard World Wide invitational coverage (the Paris one) quite a lot. I know it is only the tournaments that can be viewed for free but this news makes me pretty happy :)

kuangtu3339d ago

Great news! However, I can't watch it since I will be on a trip.

SCFreelancer3339d ago

Since they are free I kind of hope they will be available afterwards as well. I would love to see the Starcraft/Starcraft 2 matches.