IGN: Calling All Cars! Review

"It's like rugby but with cars, and arguably more fun." - IGN

Score Posted Below:

7.0 Presentation
Overall style is fantastic, though it feels a little light on content.
8.0 Graphics
Simple and cartoony, but perfectly stylized.
7.5 Sound
Decent sound effects and good but repetitive voice work are often drowned out by your own screaming.
8.5 Gameplay
Extremely fun and chaotic, the multiplayer is nearly perfect aside from the small map selection. Single-player is quite flawed, however.
8.5 Lasting Appeal
Perfect for both quick and long play sessions, you could play this online for a long time.


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Robotz Rule4135d ago

Bring it baby!,bring it!,Calling All Cars will be awesome!,I'm downloading it on day number one!!!!!

ITR4135d ago

Better $10 then $20.

fenderputty4135d ago

got a better score then I thought it was going to get. I could see how this could be insanely addictive while playing online.

Eldon34135d ago

Has anybody actually played this game yet?

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