Ehrenberg dooms Xbox 360 but he's wrong

Forbes' Roger Ehrenberg thinks the Xbox 360 is doomed because it has cost a lot of money so far, and hasn't been a huge hit in Japan, but he's forgotten about the future.

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kewlkat0074254d ago

"Microsoft has well and truly admitted since day one that creating a games console empire and platform to rival that of Sony would never be cheap, and that it would take years to reach profitability."

I think MS was in this for the Long Haul from the get go. Comparing old giant Nintendo, then Sony, now MS, it hasn't been too shabby.

Plus What these people are are also forgetting is that the consoles are becoming more and more like computers, and Sony can't lay a finger on Microsoft in that market. Unifying PC gaming and an XBOX + DirecX10+ will give Ms the edge. For now the PS2 is somewhat giving PS3 and Xbox 360 a run for their money, which only hurt the PS3 in the Long run.

The Xbox brand can only get better.

achira4254d ago

are you sure ? one reason i dont want a xbox360 is that it has the same games like the computer, so there is no need for this cheap pc. on the other side the ps3 will have many game which are not on the pc, and this is the interesting part.

Kyur4ThePain4254d ago

consoles continue to have something that distinguishes them from PCs otherwise, what's the point? With more and more games becoming cross-platform, why would people feel the need to buy a console?

darx4254d ago

But it's a small majority who do their gaming on a PC. I can PC game myself but only if it's not on a console.

The differences between both the PC and Consoles, IMO, are not that big a deal but being comfortable when gaming is.

tehcellownu4254d ago

seriously, xbox isnt goin anywhere..if they lose this gen people will stright laugh at them..they even release their system early..the xbox brand can only break down on you..

slugg4254d ago

Define "Lose." With Xbox LIVE subscriptions, downloadable content (including TV and Movies, some in HD), and the huge accessory and game attach rate, MS is making money right now, even a little bit on every system sold. Sony, on the other hand, is bleeding money-- losing around $200.00 on each PS3 sold, and with the poor game and accessory attach rate. So in the long run, say 2010, if 30 million people have PS3's and only 20 million have 360's, but 360 owners buy 5 times as many games, who is winning?

BIadestarX4254d ago

It's funny... how Sony is being trying to make people see the PS3 as a computer. But Microsoft though not even trying get's that a lot. "one reason i dont want a xbox360 is that it has the same games like the computer" " PCs otherwise, what's the point"

"why would people feel the need to buy a console" Do you know why the PS3 is selling less than the wii? Is it because the wii is a better console? I personally believe is because of price.
If you would to give the choice between giving me a $2,500 Gaming PC and a $399 console I would pick the 2,500 if you donate it to me. Now if you ask me to buy it the 399 pill would be hard to swallow.

I think the question should be, why would anybody pay so much money for a PC when they can play the same games on a console?

The real facts are:
Not all PC games will be release on a console.
Not all Console games will be released on the PC.
Consoles cost is subsidize and sold cheaper than what it cost to produce... not PC.
Consoles lifespan usually is 5 years, PCs surpass in terms of power and graphics the consoles sometimes even before the console is released (Take a look a crisis graphics and compare it to the PS3).
Imagine having to wait 5 or 10 years(as Sony would like) to see improvements in games? Also, you don't buy a PC just to play games.

gta_cb4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

ok this is a MAJOR opertunity for a flamewar! i hope we can all pass this test and NOT ARGUE which is the better system!

we all have our opinion, keep them to ourselves rather then type them on here for an argument

[EDIT] by the way bladestar i wasnt saying your comment is a mayjor flamewar opitunity i ment the story but pressed on the reply button by mistake sorry lol

xfrgtr4254d ago

'Xbox is a PC' says Bill Gates
"After insisting the contrary with its first console, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has said that the Xbox is not just a game console but a "general purpose computer", as well as reaffrming the company's strong support of PC gaming."

EZCheez4254d ago

This article reminds me of all the pro PS3 articles. It's nice to see, but it's obviously biased.

My favorite quote:

"Hit titles like Gears of War, its sequels, Halo 3 and other AS-YET UNKNOWN hit titles to come will push Microsoft into profitable territory."

tplarkin74254d ago

The biggest titles in history were "unknown" before they were made. It also important to recognize that games sell systems. Microsoft has great games on the 360.

ASSASSYN 36o4254d ago

Analyst are so short sighted. The point that hits home is the obvious sales of the 360 and associated million selling games. I hate analyst whom comment on specifically the xbox 360, ps3, and wii and you all know I am a xbox-fanboy. I don`t care what system they mention will lose or succeed analyst suck. Their opinon holds no weight for microsoft, sony, or nintendo. And shouldn`t for us. We as gamers will always decided whom stands and falls we as gamers are the greatest reviewers and future developers. We make the system and break the system. Not some misguided analysts trying to predict the demise or reign of a game console using 10 seconds worth of information. Look at the facts yourself and absorb the reality your system of choice is in. Don`t rely on analyst.

gta_cb4254d ago

ya know whats funny? ...

you say your a xboxfanboy, yet this has got to be one of the least fanboyish comments on here so far lol!
i completely agree with you, which is why i have never (or at least tried) to ignore the "analyst" although i think they should be called BU!!SH!TERS!

Cartesian3D4254d ago

thx for ur comment.. I allways want to say that .. but my english I can just say thank u .. :)

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