Left 4 Winchester Has Not Been Left For Dead

The Shaun of the Dead-inspired Left 4 Dead mod known as Left 4 Winchester has apparently not been cancelled. The last update on the project website seems to hint at the project closing down as it cites copyright concerns and one mapper's lack of dedication as being the reason there have been so few updates as of late.

However, we contacted the project's leader who happily told us that "we are still hard at work on it." We hope to see some new media soon but until then we'll be content with enjoying Shaun of the Dead and Left 4 Dead separately.

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barbara7893420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

One of the great things about in-game money and virtual economies is that they never went through this whole economic meltdown. So take that to all of those people who think the real world is better then computer games!