Gamasutra Interview: Section 8 Producer Siwiak On Reinventing Multiplayer FPS

Texas-based TimeGate Studios made a name for itself with the early-2000s real-time strategy series Kohan. Those titles were acclaimed for their fresh take on a relatively stagnant genre, and now the studio hopes to repeat that trick in the multiplayer first-person shooter arena with Section 8.

The PC and Xbox 360 game is influenced by the likes of large-scale shooters like Tribes and the Battlefield series. Like Tribes, its characters are equipped with jetpacks allowing for a high degree of mobility, but with its core conceit of "burn-in spawning" -- the ability for players to drop in (nearly) anywhere on the battlefield when they spawn -- TimeGate hopes to introduce a new level of dynamism and tactics into the genre.

Section 8 includes a single-player campaign, but its multiplayer mode (and its deployables, vehicles, and huge maps) is clearly the main attraction.

Gamasutra sat down with producer Robert Siwiak to discuss the game's conception and spiritual heritage, what TimeGate hopes to bring to the table, the game's unusual server strategy for the console version, and how depth emerged during development.

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