iCasual: Pixelogic

Today on iCasual, hear all about the latest Picoss game to hit the App Store, Pixelogic, hosted by Carter Dotson. New iCasuals are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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supercharger51503031d ago

I think I'll stick to Picross on the DS.

roblef3031d ago

I totally thought the same thing, but then played it. It's actually fairly interesting and compelling, if a bit casual.

DaRockSays3031d ago

dat looks cool. Im down for tha casual stuf

Neco5123031d ago

This is cheaper than gaming on the DS :D

roblef3031d ago

What I like about this one is the way it all sort of

Neco5123031d ago

The way it all sort of just... works? lol