Madden 08: 3 New Screenshots and Box Art

Hot out of the oven, PSU presents to you three previously-unreleased screenshots for the next installment in EA's monster series Madden NFL 08.

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Lacarious4262d ago

where's my 2K goodness!!!!!!!!!!!

Honeal2g4262d ago

Madden is good but only cause its the only option...

deathtok4262d ago

Those are not impressive screenshots. Instead of the same old retread graphics engine they really need to start over.

NoUseMerc4262d ago

EA needs to really spend a lot of time on improvingthe graphics engine as well as adding more animations to the game.

Although I would have to say the biggest improvement they need is their servers for online play. All I ever get is lag.

panicked_kernel4262d ago

That they get Madden to say something new this time around... im getting a little sick of hearing the same soundbytes year after year.

PS360PCROCKS4262d ago

Same ol same ol AGAIN this looks identical to 06 and 07, wtf EA? I read the article on the 2K game it sounds like their are going to be some really cool things done in the game...Sounds like it will be a little bare bones as their trying to re-invent the football game on consoles from what they said. Their wont be any franchise mode or anything, but I hope 2K does phenomonal job with all the animations and things their working on and graphics and blows away Madden, and EA finally works to make their money

Robotz Rule4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

EA is dead!

NFL 2K5>Madden NFL 05-07

NBA 2K5/6/7>NBA Live 05-07

NHL 2K5/6/7>NHL 05-07

College Hoops 2K5/6/7>NCAA March Madness

And I don't doubt All Pro Football 2K8 will take the NFL football game crown!

Now if only they had a PGA golf game along with a college football games as well!:)

Don't believe me?,go to and check it out for yourself,although I do dig the box art with my favorite rookie last year,and sweet screens!,but does anybody remember the greatness of NFL 2K5?,I do! :D

Give me a positive if you feel me!

Nice one,bpmurr!

Edit:Thanks for telling me,BenzMoney!,I ment 2K5 pwnds EA!!!

BenzMoney4262d ago

...that "<" is a lesser-than sign?

So you essentially said that all 2K games are "lesser than" the EA games...?

Not sure this is what you meant. You probably wanted to use the ">" sign.....???

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The story is too old to be commented.